Money is their game; they shall never be in want!

Jack Warner and Kamla Persad – “We become the company we keep”



Kamla Persad and Jack Warner are no different than Patrick Manning and Basdeo Panday, and the “nexus” is “they all have and continue to victimize the honest hard-working citizens of Trinidad & Tobago.


I am a true believe in the “presumption of innocence” unless and until proven guilty, however, the evidence against Mr. Jack Warner is so overwhelming that he should be the Patriot that he always claim to be and “resign from both FIFA and from his post as “Minister of Transportation.”


Having lived abroad for 42 years and being self-employed, I follow the International News from a Political Science standpoint. Mr. Warner who is caught up in a “maze of scandal,” is on the front page of almost every Print and Television News, world-wide. It is one thing for Mr. Warner to find himself in this predicament, but it is another thing when “He drags our already suffering country in the mere.”


Prime Minister Kamla Persad should done the right thing and request Mr. Warner’s removal from Government, but her becoming Leader of the UNC Party and now Prime Minister as everyone already knows, has to do with Jack Warner, hence she decided do what she has been doing for the past year and “claim” that she does not know anything, like she did with the Red-Jet affair and the bulldozing of so much of our agricultural crops and just about everything else.


How sad it is for the honest hard-working citizens of Trinidad & Tobago who has been victimized and continue to be victimized by every administration since 1962, save that of the Honorable A.N.R. Robinson, Administration.


My question is still, why it is that since May 25th 2010 when The People’s Partnership assumed power and now one year later; nothing has been done when it comes to “White Collar Crime?” Around the worldTrinidad is at the top of the list for the highest rate of murder per capita. We are also at the top of the list for child mortality, and when it comes to corruption, we outpace almost every other Nation.


Is it possible that the Politicians at the very top at one time or another or on an ongoing basis have dipped their hand in the Cookie-Jar of the Tax Payers money?


Sheriff G Ali


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