“Enjoy the blessings of this day, for this day only is ours, we are dead to yesterday, and we are not yet born to the morrow!”


Blue water glittering in the silent Stream

Radiantly, like the sunlit beam,

Eyes rise, you are at the water’s edge

I am fastened, like a wedge


Quarantined by your beautiful radiance

Mesmerized I am, in a trance,

Eyes that seem Divine

They are betwixt with mine


Tresses bouncing on your silk laced dress

Moving like a Kestrel, leaving its nest,

I am calling but you do not hear

Suddenly, you disappear


Like evening shadows when the Sun is gone

I awake in forlorn,

Though melancholy and feeling bleak

 Overcome I am, with exceeding seethe!

© Sheriff Gerry Ali 2011




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