If the Republicans got their way, the middle class would become poor; the poor would become poorer…

If the Republicans got their way, the middle class would become poor; the poor would become poorer, the elderly would be tossed under the bus, and our children’s future would be amiss!

If you are going to find your way out of the financial downfall that you are in due to no fault of your own, then, open the link below and read the very short article. I promise you that though it may seem Politically “one-sided,” it is “Politically Correct!” One ofAmerica’s longest and oldest Political Party, has and continues to do what is “financially expedient for 2% of the richest Americans that enhances their own pockets, rather than do what is morally right for all Americans!

America, which is the “Engine of the World,” has been in decline since 2001 when the then George W. Bush became President. With him controlling the White House and at the time, the Republicans controlled the both Houses of Congress, The House of Representatives and the United States Senate; they embarked on a lavish spending spree. And, the unfortunate occurrence of 9/11 that forced us to go after the perpetrators inAfghanistan, Mr. Bush and The Republicans used it as a crutch for all of the wantonness that subsequently followed.

However, Mr. Bush made the biggest blunder when he decided to take most of the troops out ofAfghanistanso that he could invadeIraq. Hence, rather than fighting one war we were now fighting two wars and in each case, we ended up fighting what can be best termed, Gorilla-Warfare; “no distinguishable enemy.”

To make the situation worst, Bush gave a huge tax cut in 2001 and again in 2003 that catapulted America’s National Debt from 5.1 trillion dollars when he took office to 10.4 trillion dollars when he left office on January 9th 2009. This is in addition to him totally incinerating the projected surplus of five trillion dollars.

By the time the new President took office, he had two wars on his hand and a trillion dollar plus tax cut that only benefitted a mere 2% of the American public. My point is that Mr. Bush’s phantasmagoric rationales and internecine polices in all that he did while he was President, is the reason why we (Americans) were and are still starring into the abyss of a ballooning National Debt and a life of financial uncertainty.

We are better off today than we were since the day President Obama was sworn into office. Things are not great but they are better and day after day, we are experiencing small miracles of climbing out of the mere that Mr. Bush and his cronies placed us into. But, the trouble is not over. The Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives in 2010 and the Republicans gain in the Senate placed them in a position to obstruct “just about everything.” Basically, “all of the Republicans” speak with one voice and that one voice continually says; “make the senseless tax cut for the rich permanent and forget about our responsibility to the “middle-class, poor, elderly and our children.” To put it in a different way would be to say that if the Republicans got their way; “there would be no middle class for they would become poor; the poor would become poorer; our children’s education would be a scramble that would look like the survival of the fittest – [“those with financially sound parents;”] the elderly would be tossed under the bus,” and the Republicans would live happily thereafter being fed by their “rich friends,” and America would reach its end, same as the Russia did when the Soviet Union Collapsed, solely because they ran out of money.

This may seem like a sad scenario but I tell you it is as realistic as the Sun rise every morning. Hence, it is imperative that each and every individual accept the fact that “we can’t change the unchangeable, but we must change the unacceptable.”

It is going to take responsible Business Leaders and an informed Public to work together to bring about the change that is necessary, if we are going to remain the number “One Nation of the Pleiades of Nations.” It is in this regard that N & N Internationale Incorporated can assist some, not all, in securing a better and brighter future not only for ourselves, but for generations to come.

I therefore indulge you to contact us or anyone at your choosing, that you believe would guide you through the deep and unforgiving waters that we were tossed into, from 2001-to-2009.



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