I am going out on the limb that Casey Anthony will testify in her own defense:

I know that this is a very emotional case and Casey’s behavior during the 31 days that her daughter was missing doesn’t help much, but from a human stand-point and as a person who voluntarily counseled “teenagers and young adults” for three years, I am basing my assumption that Casey’s madness over that 31 day period was perpetuated by the estranged circumstances that transpired in her home, dating back from the time she was about ten years of age or thereabouts.





I may lose lots of friends for writing this on the eve of the Defense position that they will “rest” their defense on Thursday June 30th 2011, but if I am unwilling to speak out on what I believe wholeheartedly, then I shall no longer write. Tens of thousands of pages have been generated in the Case of The State of Florida V. Casey Marie Anthony for which I have read not all, but most of them, and I have followed the case to the best of my ability. I have tried very hard “not” to listen to the Television Talking Heads’ who are paid to espouse their “doom and gloom” and call Casey every demeaning name one can imagine, but, under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, that is there absolute right!


Condensing this very tragic and bifurcated case!


I do believe that Casey will testify that she was molested by her father and brother and that her mother was always aware of this most disgusting fact. I also believe that Cindy, Lee and Casey were forced to remain silent on account of her father’s “iron-fist” rule being a Police Officer with authority to do as he pleased, without being questioned by his fellow Officers. And I also do believe that George Anthony is the father of his daughter’s child.


Cindy Anthony (Casey’s mother) condoning of this heinous act by her husband and her child’s father is not new. This wouldn’t be the first time and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. It stems from this thing called “pride.” This type of pride says; “we don’t do our dirty laundry in public,” this is a family affair and as such, it must remain within the confines of our home and tightly knitted family, or we would bring disgrace that would prevent us from showing our faces no matter whether we live here or move to another country.


So, this dismal incest continued and as time passed by I believe that in Casey’s depressed and sad state of mind she confided in her brother, Lee. Perhaps at first Lee got depressed himself but as time went by, the depression of both brother and sister took a different turn and that lead to compounded incest – brother and sister.


The Television Pundits and the Talking Head Attorneys with a desire to become important, took it upon themselves to claim that George Anthony (Casey’s father) breaking down on the witness stand was a reflection of his innocence. But, looking at her father’s forlorn, Casey’s reaction was one of disgust and disdain, as she sat shaking her head in disbelief that the man who “molested her and ruined her life,” is now afraid of going to Prison for the rest of his life,  and that he was attempting to use that forlorn to save his own hide, because as a retired Peace Officer he knows that if it is established that he had sexual intercourse with a child 12 years or under, the sentence is life.


George Anthony knew that subsequent to his daughter’s arrest, her release on Bond was conditioned upon “no firearm or alcohol” in the Anthony’s home. Yet, George Anthony went out and bought a Firearm and brought it home. This information got to the Authorities and later that same day, A Police Officer and a person from The Department of Corrections came to the Anthony’s home and removed the Firearm. [Casey Anthony could have been taken back to Jail that day] As George explained, he said he bought the Gun and was going to use it to force answers from people he knew that might have the answers to his then “missing grand-daughter.” Is this lame? Of course it is!


Next George Anthony left home and went to a Motel inDaytona Beachto commit “suicide.” George claimed that he drank alcohol and took pills and sat down to write his wife a “suicide note.” We don’t’ know yet what the “suicide note” consists of, but one thing is for sure as of now, it was conveniently written without any sort of confession. However, like the Gun, very conveniently, the Authorities found out where he was and they went and rescued him before he committed “suicide.” A man standing on top of a tall building screaming he is going to jump, he has no intention of committing suicide, he is seeking attention, and a “man all alone in a Motel Room with Alcohol and Pills having written a convenient note and allowing the Authorities to find him, he is not there to commit suicide, he is there “to establish a smoke screen,” you know, “I feel so bad for my grand-daughter, I just want to die.” But he doesn’t die!


Cindy Anthony denied having any discussion with her son about sending Private Investigators with Video Cameras to look for her grand-daughter, and the very next witness, her son, Lee, diametrically contracted his mother by stating, “Yes, such a discussion did take place.”


Roy Kronk on the witness stand saw what he taught to be a skull on August 11, 2008. He made calls after 9:30PM at night on August 11th, 12th and the 13th to the Police. On August 12th 2011 two Police Officers met with Roy Kronk, did not find anything, sort of scolded him and left. Also, he was asked if he called his son in November of 2008, whereby he told his son that he was going to be famous. Roy Kronk denied calling his son. On Wednesday morning June 29, 2011, Roy Kronk’s son testified that his father did call him during the month of November 2008 and the son testified that his father told him; “that he, Roy Kronk knew where the child’s remains were.” Amazingly enough, on December 11, 2008, despite hundreds of people searching the wooded area, Roy Kronk found the child’s remain in the exact spot where he previously claimed to have seen the “may be skull!”


Irrespective of all of the strangeness in this case, that beautiful little child is dead, and that is sad. My conclusion as to how the child died, well, I do believe she drowned in the Pool. But only George, Cindy and Casey are cognizant of why the child was disposed off in the manner that she did, and I do believe that this too, we shall find out!


In addition, any verdict of “guilty” that the Jury determines, it would be overturned on Appeal. The Judge in Casey Anthony’s case made some glaring “reversal errors.”

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