Remember – The Constitution of the United States and its true meaning!


We “Americans” are obsessed with “murder, mayhem, sex and just about everything that is “negative.” And, it is because of that affixation with darkness rather than light, we tend to forget about the bed-rock of our society – “The Constitution of theUnited States”, hence the reason why we pre-judge people by finding them guilty in our hearts and waiting for them to prove their innocence.


I wasn’t there and do not claim to know exactly how the child died, but as a reasonable person, and after having read hundreds of pages and not just looked, but studied the Casey Anthony Case, there is something drastically wrong with that family, and unless and until the Prosecution start looking for the “truth,” and not just to “win,” perhaps guilty people would go free, and that is not what the Founding Fathers Scribed in the words that Founded our Nation.

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