FACTS on our DEBT versus the perniciousness of the Republicans, The Tea Party and those that agree with them!

It wasn’t by happenstance we got to 14.3 Trillion Dollars in debt, and no, President Obama did not spend trillions of dollars. The 2.4 Trillions of Dollars that was spent since Obama took Office as you would see from the “factual chart,” it was solely because of George W. Bush and Republicans such as John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor, Michele Bachmann and many others, that squandered America’s wealth by “overloading America’s Credit Card” from 2001 thru 2008, and beyond. I mentioned beyond because in 2010 when the Bush Tax Cuts were going to expire, President Obama and the Democrats wanted the tax cuts for the 2% of the wealthiest Americans and big business to expire, while leaving the 98% tax cuts for those making 250,000.00 or less, but the Republicans reprobates would have none of that!


The pernicious Republicans feasting on their egregious machinations demanded that if the 2% ofAmerica’s wealthiest and big business did not retain their unjustified tax cuts, then they, The Republicans, would allow all of the tax cuts to expire. In simple terms, the Republicans ultimatum was “their rich friends and big business” must keep their tax cuts or elseAmerica’s 98% would lose their tax benefits. In order for the working class not to pay more taxes, President Obama went along with keeping all of the wanton tax cuts byAmerica’s wanton President, George W. Bush, that was extended to December 2012.


If the American people don’t wake up and throw these misfits out of Office in 2012, then, it doesn’t matter how much we reduce the deficit, “we would go bankrupt.” It seems self evident that the Tea Party and the Republicans took a litmus test that stated – “We must never raise taxes on our rich friends and big business, but we must balance the Federal Budget on the backs of the working class and the poor!” O! What pangs do mankind creates when they leave the path of righteousness and what is morally right – to chase after avarice for money and power!


Personally I think that too often we forget; “Naked we came into this world and naked we shall go!”




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