One GOP Monkey slid down the Pole and quit and the other, took to the Broom!

On Saturday August 13th 2011, The  GOP Monkey candidate Tim Pawlenty came in a distant 3 with 2293 votes in the Iowa Straw Poll, he slid down the Pole and quit his Presidential run Sunday August 14, 2011.


The other GOP Monkey Michele Bachmann, won the  Straw-Poll with 4,823 votes and decided that her extreme Political position qualifies her to get off the Pole and fly on a Broom!


It was sad to see the 9 candidates in the debate along with Rick Perry inSouth Carolina, juggernauting for the GOP Nomination by advocating their plans to; “screwing the poor and the elderly and literally ripping into shreds, the future of the American Children’s Education!


Why do people vote for these people? I would never know!

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