The ultimate power of the United States, still lies in the hands of the American people!

The ultimate power of the United States, still lies in the hands of the American people, but only if they would declare a moratorium for at least the remainder of 2011, on being Democrats, Republicans and Independents, and instead, be “Americans first!”


Neither the President nor the houses of Congress possess the power of the “voters,” for without the votes of each citizen for a particular “Party,” no one can be elected. In all of the recent bona fide polling, Congress has a 10% approval rating and the President is at 40%.


From these Polling figures it is self evident that the American people are able to ascertain that the entire Government inWashingtonD.C., seems helpless in being constructive that would alleviate the problems that is eating away like cancer, the substance of hope for 98% of the American people.


The Democrats must understand that it is very necessary that their duty is to “means test” all entitlements and cut off all wasteful spending, thus making the programs more financial stable, that would essentially cause us to live up to our obligations as a society, to protect the poor and the elderly and provide a Government guarantee for the proper education of all of America’s children, not only for the present generation, but for generations to come!


The Republicans must stop their inhumane agenda to slash entitlements while protecting the wealthiest 2% of Americans from paying their fair share, and closing the loop-holes that allow companies that earn billions of dollars in profits for which they do not pay any taxes. All Republicans permeate the same sorry excuse that somehow this is “a factor in creating jobs.” They the Republicans have managed to keep these wanton policies in place for ten years and counting, and yet, unemployment stands at 9.1%



The Republicans phantasmagoric rationales and internecine policies, prevent the Government from taking in badly needed revenues that can help America reset its responsibilities, that would lead to a more fair and equitable system and in addition, allow us once again like we did in the late 90’s, to be financially stable.


Just imagine the nonsensical policies that were enacted prior to 2009! An American Company doing business in the United States and employing American workers, are allowed to usurp their business from within American, supplant it in another country and for that, they are allowed tax breaks and they are also allowed to deduct as a tax write off, all of the expenses they incur, for moving their business outside of The United States.


Just one example is Apple! Apple employs in the United States approximately 50, 000 employees, however in India they employ approximately “ONE MILLION EMPLOYEES, and in China Apple employs “ONE MILLION PLUS.”  But to be fair, Apple isn’t the only company that has done this, please click the link;

and you would see a list from A – Z. So, if you want to know why the job market inAmericais stalled, well, this paragraph should provide you with the answer.


In the final analysis, unless and until the American people vote their “intelligence” and not their “emotions,”Americawould continue to entrance into even more and more, “deeper and unforgiving waters!”

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