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The FAT overweight: Judge Belvin Perry, is a vindictive “sorry loser!”

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Judge Belvin Perry who claims that justice cannot be mocked, when he is the only “buffoon” in this whole escapade that made a mockery of the judicial system by allowing; untested smell machine; weird and untested science from Canada and a host of other “willful” egregious bias rulings that “did make a mockery of Due Process,” as guaranteed in the United States Constitution and the 5th, 6th, 8th and 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Had the Jury found Casey Anthony guilty, such verdict would have been overturned on Appeal and this is not just my opinion  but that of Law Scholars, who “do not like Casey Anthony!” Perry’s ruling to have Casey Anthony serve a second “probation sentence is in diametric opposition to the Double Jeopardy Clause:


The Double Jeopardy Clause is one of the clauses in the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution which provides many safeguards to the citizens of the United States. The safeguards mentioned in this Amendment have mostly to do with protecting people from unjust charges and trials by the government. The Clause reads like this:

“Nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.”



Lawyers for Casey Anthony have appealed a judge’s order that she must return to Orlando next week to begin serving a year of probation that they say she already completed.


In a 16-page emergency petition filed on Wednesday, the lawyers asked the Fifth District Court of Appeal inDaytona Beach to vacate what they said was an “illegal sentence.” Expedited review was necessary, the lawyers said, to “prevent the continued unlawful exercise of jurisdiction by the lower court.”

The lawyers said that although judges have the authority to correct a clerical error in a sentence still being served, they do not have the power to amend a sentence once it has been completed.

“Once a sentence has been fully served, even if it is an illegal sentence, the court lacks jurisdiction and would violate double jeopardy by resentencing the defendant to an increased sentence,” the appeal says.


IN PICTURES: Key players in the Casey Anthony murder trial

At issue is a dispute over whether Ms. Anthony properly served her term of probation while she was still held in the Orange County Jail awaiting her trial on charges that she murdered her two-year-old daughter, Caylee.


While awaiting the murder trial, Anthony pleaded guilty to check-fraud charges and was sentenced to time she’d already served in jail plus a year of probation. The judge in the check-fraud case,Stan Strickland, stated during the sentencing that she was to serve the probation upon release from jail. But Judge Strickland’s signed order did not spell that requirement out in writing.


As a result, the Probation Department conducted Anthony’s supervised probation while she was still in jail awaiting the murder trial. At the conclusion of her year-long supervision, Anthony was given a letter acknowledging that she had successfully completed her probation.


Anthony was later acquitted or the murder charges and was released from jail on July 17. The acquittal sparked outrage across the country among many who had been closely following the high-profile case and had concluded – unlike the jury – that she was guilty.

After her release, Strickland, acting on his own, issued a corrected sentence, ordering Anthony to return within 72 hours toOrlandoto serve her probation term.

That order was stayed pending a hearing conducted by Chief Judge Belvin Perry. Last week, the chief judge reimposed Strickland’s amended sentence and ordered Anthony to report for probation by Aug. 26.





Beyond this world of wrath and tears….

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In the clutch of pains that follow me

From my head down to my sole,

I wonder what life holds’ for me?

In the darkness of my world

Despite the pangs I would not complain

Even when I pine,

And though at times I feel disdain

I know, I am wholly Thine

Beyond this world of wrath and tears

Looms, but the Heavens’ above,

With freedom from pains or fears

And the bounty of my Father’s love

So, in the midst of my circumstance

In this blessed evening shade,

I’ll live by faith and not by chance

Strong in heart and unafraid!

© Sheriff G Ali – May 9, 2011