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Only Memories Remain!

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Dedicated to Suimatee C. Ali

In her sorrows I still see her

Crying with so much pain,

When we said goodbye and parted

I knew, we’d never meet again

Life is a dying ember

Where only memories remain,

And through the years I remember

Her crying, with so much pain

Time has passed my hair is silver

Seems like we loved in vain!

Such memories, I forever quiver

I’m filled with so much pain

When we meet up yonder

We would be holding hands again,

In a land that knows no sunder

Or pangs and pines or pain!

© Sheriff G Ali 2011

If you are bedeviled with “what does Mitt Romney stand for,” then don’t be, because Mitt Romney doesn’t know what he stands for!

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Mitt Romney was for women’s rights and now he is not!


Mitt Romney was against Bush’s tax cuts and now he is!


Mitt Romney was for “National Insurance” and now he is not!


Mitt Romney would sell his soul if it would make him President!



As head of private equity firm Bain Capital, Romney was the lead deal-maker, buying and selling companies to make more money for investors. Whether companies boomed or filed for bankruptcy, the Boston-based firm found profits for Romney, and other executives and investors. Romney, who spent most of his career at Bain, estimated wealth in 2007 at as much as $250 million.


Entrepreneurs and corporate founders “create the bulk of the jobs, not the financiers. At Dade Behring Inc. a medical-testing company based in Deerfield, Illinois, Bain cut at least 1,600 jobs during a series of acquisitions before the firm entered into bankruptcy in 2002. Romney foreshadowed those cuts in a speech to employees shortly after Bain acquired the firm.


DDI Corporation, an electronics company inAnaheim,California, filed for bankruptcy in 2003 after Bain sold shares in the company generating at least $85.5 million and billed $10 million in management fees.


Employees who lost jobs at Bain-controlled companies more than a decade ago say they still hold Romney responsible.


“I would not vote for him for anything,” said Phyllis Detro, 68, who lost her job at Bain-owned office paper products factory inMarion,Ind., closed in 1995. “I’d like to see the jobs that he’s created.” Romney did not create jobs, he took away jobs!