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GOP candidates are better fit for monster’s ball than inaugural ball. So just how can President Obama lose in 2012?

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The parade of fools the Republican Party has produced are more of a trip than a treat


Originally Published: Monday, October 31 2011, 2:00 AM
Updated: Monday, October 31 2011, 12:40 AM

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The Republican candidates for President may not pose much of a threat to Barack Obama.

The very best Halloween parade this year would feature all the Republicans trying to get their party’s presidential nomination.

At a time of debt and joblessness and so often hopelessness in this country, in a Foreclosure America where the President seems better at raising money than making very much for Americans, the question on Barack Obama ought to be this.

How can he possibly win a second term?

Only the way things are going with the Republicans, right up to Halloween 2011, and only a year out from the next election, you start to think a better question is, how can Obama lose?


Michele Bachmann was the front-runner for about five minutes, then Rick Perry was the front-runner, at least until Perry actually started talking, having all those nights in debates when you imagined him trying to answer brain-busters on “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader?”


Now the front-runner, according to some polls, is Herman Cain when it isn’t Mitt Romney. You keep thinking that Romney is the only one on the stage who looks like an actual nominee, or the next President. But somehow he can’t shake Cain, the rich pizza guy who keeps giving everybody the kind of show that Ross Perot did until the aliens came for Perot.


Trick or treat.

I was talking to one of the city’s political powerbrokers the other day, one who backed Obama last time and now thinks he has failed miserably as President. And I asked the guy for a scenario where the Republicans lose next November, now that Obama is running on his record and not George W. Bush’s.


“If their candidate somehow becomes more of an issue than the economy,” he said. Suddenly Cain is in a virtual dead heat with Romney in Iowa, and all that means, at least for the time being, is that the Republican Party, which has had all this time to fall for Romney, or at least get behind him, still hasn’t. It is why Cain, who has no chance to get the nomination, whatever the polls say, none, is treated like a serious contender for no other reason than the guy won’t go away.

There Cain was on “Face the Nation” with Bob Schaeffer on Sunday morning, clarifying his position on abortion for what felt like the ninth time, as if it is something else that ought to be included in his loopy 9-9-9 tax plan. By the way? Here is all you have to know about that plan. Perry’s flat tax makes more sense. “I am pro-life from conception, period,” Cain said. Bob Schaeffer then reminded Cain that he had previously made statements about how he was pro-life except in cases of rape and incest.


“Pro-life from conception, period,” Cain said again, and then said that anything people thought he said to the contrary had been taken out of context. But then that is Cain’s game. Or act. When he has to walk back from some quote he thinks could hurt him, the quote was either taken out of context, or he was just kidding around.

“Some people are getting used to my sense of humor,” he said, perhaps thinking that when he talks about building an electrified border fence to keep out illegal aliens he was being funnier than Dick Gregory.


Apparently it is supposed to be the fault of the gotcha media that he told CNN this past week that he didn’t think the government should be in the position of telling a woman whether or not to have an abortion in cases of rape or incest. On that day Cain said, “What I’m saying is it ultimately gets down to a choice that the family or mother has to make.”

Maybe it makes perfect sense that some of these candidates have gone to Donald Trump, star of “Celebrity Apprentice,” looking for an endorsement, like in the end Trump will decide between Romney and Cain the way he once had to decide between Trace Adkins and Piers Morgan.


There is a reason why real smart people I know think that the best possible opponent for Barack Obama isn’t a Republican at all. It is still Hillary Clinton, since there are enough Democrats out there who think they might have nominated the wrong person last time.

For now, we are left with the Republican field we have, which Romney should already be dominating but is not. For now, the guy who thinks he can take on Obama straight up is neck and neck with Herman Cain.


Trick or treat? Republican style. They re the best show this Halloween, by far. All of them thinking are dressed up like Presidents. Even the parade in the Village can t beat that.

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It’s amazing how

You occupy my heart,

Even until now

As was from the start

Throughout the day

Your heart and mine,

Still doing sashay

We became sublime

Even in the dark

I hear you out loud,

Your smile was my spark

My rainbow in the cloud

Memories are golden

So many in the past,

It keeps me embolden

I pray that it last!

© Sheriff G Ali 2011

“More often than not, we allow the circumstances of life to usurp our vision, placating our ability to see farther and muse on the nexuses that betwixt the strings of our Harps from recognizing the music of love, until it is too late. Then, life becomes a dying ember, where only memories remain.”

© Sheriff G Ali


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April 6, 1914 – October 29, 1987


Dad, I see the writing on the wall

My dreams are going to fall,

I am trying to prop it up

But I know, it wouldn’t stop


It will come crashing to the ground

With a silent deafening sound,

But I hope and pray this day

My Lord shows me the way


He has always been with me

Through all my difficulties,

And come what may, there’s not retreat

I will not succumb, to defeat


Dad, I know you found favor with the Lord

And you are in the presence of our God,

Dad, tell Him I need His Hand to feel

As humbly before Him, I kneel…


© 2011 Sheriff Gerry Ali

“In this world there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.”

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In 1883, Irish-born Oscar Wilde returned toLondonbursting with exuberance from a year long lecture tour of theUnited StatesandCanada. Full of talent, passion and, most of all, full of himself, he courted and married the beautiful Constance Lloyd.

A few years later, Wilde’s wit, flamboyance and creative genius were widely renowned. His literary career had achieved notoriety with the publication of “The Picture Of Dorian Gray”. Oscar and Constance now had two sons whom they both loved very much. But one evening, Robert Ross, a young Canadian houseguest, seduced Oscar and forced him finally to confront the homosexual feelings that had gripped him since his schooldays.

Oscar’s work thrived on the realization that he was gay, but his private life flew increasingly in the face of the decidedly anti-homosexual conventions of late Victorian society. As his literary career flourished, the risk of a huge scandal grew ever larger.

In 1892, on the first night of his acclaimed play “Lady Windermere’s Fan”, Oscar was re-introduced to a handsome youngOxfordundergraduate, Lord Alfred Douglas, nicknamed “Bosie”. Oscar was mesmerized by the cocky, dashing and intelligent young man and began the passionate and stormy relationship which consumed and ultimately destroyed him.


While Oscar had eyes only for Bosie, he embraced the promiscuous world that excited his lover, enjoying the company of rent boys. In following the capricious and amoral Bosie, Oscar neglected his wife and children, and suffered great guilt.

And then the dragon awoke. Bosie’s father, the violent, eccentric, cantankerous Marquess of Queensberry, became aware that Bosie, whose “unmanly” and careless behavior he despised, was cavorting aroundLondonwith its greatest playwright, Oscar Wilde.

In 1895, days after the triumphant first night of “The Importance Of Being Earnest”, Queensberry stormed into Wilde’s club, The Albemarle, and finding him absent left a card with the porter, addressed “To Oscar Wilde posing Somdomite” (…misspelling the insult). Bosie, who hated his father, persuaded Oscar to sue the Marquess for libel. As homosexuality was itself illegal, Queensberry was able to destroy Oscar’s case at the trial by calling as witnesses rent boys who would describe Wilde’s sexual encounters in open court.

Oscar lost the libel case against Queensberry and was arrested by the crown. With essentially no credible defense against charges of homosexual conduct, he was convicted and sentenced to two years hard labor, the latter part in Reading Gaol. Unreformed Dickensian prison conditions caused a calamitous series of illnesses and brought him to death’s door.


Constancefled the country with their children and changed the family name, always hoping that Oscar would return to his family and give up Bosie, now also living in exile.

When Oscar was released from prison in 1897, he tried to comply withConstance’s wishes, sending Bosie a deeply moving epic letter, “De Profundis”, explaining why he could never see him again.

Love, passion, obsession and loneliness combined however to defeat prudence and discretion. Despite the certain knowledge that their relationship was doomed, Oscar was unable to resist temptation and he and Bosie were reunited, with disastrous consequences.


Copyright,  Samuelson Entertainment


“A man or a woman never surfeits of too much honesty!”

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“To appear an honest person, in one word you must be one. Honesty is the fine jewel, but much out of fashion. Honesty in public life is generally attributed to dumbness and is seldom rewarded.


Let God inspire you, make you want to begin to be your best self: not just to be proved right, but to be willing to be proved wrong when you are; to learn to laugh when someone trips you up. There is a great holy hilarity that we haven’t even touched in store for the saints of God.


I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.”

“Kindness is like a garden of blessing and love endures forever!”

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“We shall pass through this world but once. If, therefore, there be any kindness we can show, or any good thing we can do, let us do it now; let us not defer it or neglect it, for we shall never pass this way again. Kindness has converted more hate into love than zeal, eloquence or learning.


It is difficult to tell how much people’s minds are conciliated by a kind manner and gentle speech. So, be kind and remember that every one you meet is fighting a difficult battle. Kind words never wear out the tongue!”

The “Tyrant” who sowed fear, murder and mayhem, certainly, reaped what he sowed.”

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Momma Qaddafi  who for forty-two years raped Libya of its wealth at the cost of the Libyan people; a man who instilled fear into its citizens; tortured them; murdered them; he himself, got a large fatal dose of his medicine on October 20th 2011.


O how the mighty subjugator fell seeking refuge in a drain-pipe (hole), was dragged out of there begging for his life and perhaps in the same manner that tens of thousands of the Libyan people pleaded for their lives, but in the end, he was all alone and dead. He was placed in a refrigerated container like a slab of meat at the Butcher’s shop, except it wasn’t buyers coming to visit, but instead it was the people whom he had terrorized that had the last laugh of this most egregious despot.


One has to wonder what are these “Dictators” thinking when they are committing such heinous crimes against humanity? I wonder! Do they ever stop to ask how much is enough? Am I one day going to have to pay for my deeds? Perhaps they give no heed to such things and perhaps the avarice for power, money, attention and the likes, numbs their thinking process and placates any sense of decency, mercy or any form of goodness, from penetrating their conscience.


Maligning oneself with evil for the temporary rush of life in the fast lane brings about the inevitable; sooner rather than later, you will have to pay the piper! Libya that has oil reserves of forty six (46) billion barrels of the richest oil in Africa with a population of approximately six million people, with proper management everyone could have had a good life, opportunities and pave new and better roads for their children, but Qaddafi’s greed that all of Libya’s wealth inures only to himself and his family, resulted in the suffering of immense proportion to 99.5% of the Libyan people.


Qaddafi, Mubarak and others that fell in the Arab uprising should be a wake up call for the rest of the “Despots,” that time is no longer on their side. But for them they should heed the words of President John F. Kennedy; it is never too late to do the right thing!”



“A successful man cannot realize how hard an unsuccessful man finds life!

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The secret of success is constancy to purpose. To find his or herself place and fill it is success for every human being. By success I mean the development of mature and constructive personality.


For in the final analysis, success is neither fame, wealth nor power; rather it is seeking, knowing, loving and obeying God. If you seek you will know; if you know, you will love; if you love, you will obey!”

Libyan strongman Muammar Qaddafi is dead!

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Libyan strongman Muammar Qaddafi is dead. The news from the Middle East is vindication of the Obama administration’s policy in Libya. A man who was an enemy of the American people, someone who killed Americans aboard Pan Am 103, someone who was taking out Americans and acting against our interests in the Middle East for decades has finally been eliminated from the scene.

And all this talk about “leading from behind” needs to be put in context. First of all, President Obama never said anything about “leading from behind.” What the president said was he didn’t want to put additional American troops in theMiddle East in the middle of a Muslim country.


We are already fighting not only in Iraq but in Afghanistan. We have tremendous troubles in Pakistan. President Obama allowed the multi-national force to be in a position where they could act with tremendous American support.

The American public would never have supported pouring additional troops intoLibya. By building an international coalition, the president managed, nonetheless, to make Americans part of the fight and oust Qaddafi. Critics on the right have flip-flopped on these issues from the beginning on whether or notAmericashould have played a role, any role, in supporting the anti-Qaddafi forces. Today’s events are another reminder of how pure political concerns can blind people toAmerica’s best.


EssentiallyAmericahas been at war inLibya. And tonight or today, this morning, what we’ve seen is that that policy has led to the ouster and also the death of Muammar Qaddafi.


That’s good news forAmerica. I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat. This is good news.


For President Obama, after the death of Bin Laden, Al-Awlaki and now, indirectly, Qaddafi, he’s left with a terrific narrative in terms of making the case that Democrats aren’t weak on national security and that he has pursued a number of President Bush’s policies in terms of being aggressive. This has been in service to America’s national interest and the best outcomes for every American. If you look at the president’s use of drones, for example, he decision to keep using Guantanamo Bay to house detainees, these are things that have absolutely antagonized the left in this country.


But if you’re looking at results, you can’t argue with the results. A man who wasAmerica’s enemy, who was a destabilizing force in theMiddle Eastand a supporter of anti-American forces, has been removed from the stage.

By Juan Williams

Published October 20, 2011




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Contemplating this world

And the things people fight for,

While sacrificing their very soul

With greed for more and more


Thinking about my life

Just living day by day,

I’m able to conquer strife

With hopeful words to say


Sharing my possessions

And the solace that it brings,

There are no illusions

Same as the Robin sings


See, I am no futile dreamer

For this world can be a better one,

I am a true believer

In the mercies of the Almighty’s Son!


© Sheriff G Ali 2011