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Haljaba Products

Seafood, Poultry, Meats, Vegetables, Peas, Beans, Juices, Carbonated Beverages, Rice, Sugar, Flower etc

All of our products in our product line dates back to 1977 which was our inception date. We have endeavored to provide Naturally Nutritious products in doing our part, to a healthier, happy world.

All of Haljaba Products are under the Haljaba label and from the raw ingredients to the finished products; we enforce a strict hygienic code, second to none.

Our bottled and canned Carbonated Beverages are under our Trade MarkĀ Natural Quencher.

Our canned and bottle Juices are under our Trade MarkĀ Juice Time.

We would facilitate clearer and more definitive information as we continue to fully implement our web site, in order to continue to serve our Whole-Sale Customers and the Public at large.

— Sheriff G Ali