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UPSIDE DOWN COUNTRY! The harder you try to do good, the less you are appreciated!

Posted in Uncategorized on October 4, 2011 by sheriffali

Prior to Senator Barak Obama becoming President,America’s standing in the world as a country people admired stood at only 16%. This was the result of the “wantonness” of the George W. Bush Administration.


It was the first time in our history we became such a despised country. Just imagine, subsequent to the horrendous evil of September 11, 2001, we were the most admired country in the world. Then Bush’s capriciousness to take us intoIraqand the consequences that followed was most devastating to our country.


In November 2008 when Senator Obama became the President-Elect, our standing in the world escalated to 80% of the world having a positive view of America, and since then the world’s view has remained quite steady to the present day.


However, in America where people hide their racism and hate as so many in the GOP camp, from the Republican House of Representatives, Senators, Governors and worst of all, The Tea Baggers, our country has been turned “upside-down!” The Conservative Media, namely Fox News (Telephone Hackers) permeate so much despicable nonsense along with their hate mongering guests; it is nothing short of “Narcissistic poisonous deluge!”


Religious fanaticism and extreme right-wing Politicians are destroying the very fabric of what made America the greatest of all Nations!


America, wake up, these people does not have your interest even in the minutest part of their thoughts; to them you are of the saxifrage family – “the shrub bearing their gooseberries.” When you attend their rallies and they look down at you, they seen not your faces, but they do indeed see “dollar signs!”