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Life is a burning ember, where only memories remain!

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Two things are certain in this life and that is; we can never undo the past and we cannot turn back time! And this is the cause of my reflection on something I wrote not too long ago, whereby I stated; “life is a burning ember, where only memories remain.” I desired so much to rectify a personal situation while time still prevailed, but unfortunately for me, time ran out for the other party. As was written in a song;


If tomorrow never comes,

Would she know how much I loved her?

Did I try in every way?

To show her every day

That she’s my only one!”


When the words of this song first penetrated my heart and in subsequent contemplation, I always thought of my mortal life expiring first and never thought for one moment that it could be the other way around! But, now that the latter transpired I must learn to live with those regrets and hope to never allow a second time to occur.


I lost an older brother when I was 19 and he was 26, and then I lost two more brothers a dozen years later. I was young and O! how I loved them, but I still to this day always wonder, “If they knew how much I loved and admired them?” Now, in the midst of this situation, I must go back, then, a little way to the choice mercies of yesterday, and though all may be dark now, I must light up the lamps of the past, they shall glitter through the darkness, and I shall trust in the Lord till the day break, and the shadows flee away.



Beyond this world of wrath and tears….

In the clutch of pains that follow me

From my head down to my sole,

I wonder what life holds’ for me?

In the darkness of my world



Despite the pangs I would not complain

Even when I pine,

And though at times I feel disdain

I know, I am wholly Thine



Beyond this world of wrath and tears

Looms, but the Heavens’ above,

With freedom from pains or fears

And the bounty of my Father’s love



So, in the midst of my circumstance

In this blessed evening shade,

I’ll live by faith and not by chance

Strong in heart and unafraid!



© Sheriff G Ali 2011