Wall Street’s “money nymphomaniacs and the Republicans, relentless assault on the poor and middle-class!”

I think that if a “Gadfly” could speak and use words to “run down President Obama,” the desperate Republicans would embrace the “Gadfly!”

Despite some of the News Media calling the winners and losers of The Washington Post Republican Debate carried live on Bloomberg Television on October 11, 2011, it reflects the imbeciles phantasmagoric rationales and internecine policies that these sorry excuses for the Republican Candidates are promulgating, in their hopeless desire to become President, is a fallacy that have no chance of success!

I think that if a “Gadfly” could speak and use words to “run down President Obama,” the desperate Republicans would embrace the “Gadfly” that would result in a surge in the Polls for the “Gadfly.”

What came out of the debate was that everyone of the Candidates justification for wanting to be President is to blame President Obama for “shit” that happened for which he hadn’t any part of. The Economy was already wrecked prior to Bush leaving office, the unemployment was stealing apace, peoples’ life savings, homes and lives were being wiped out by Wall Street’s “money nymphomaniacs,” and the Republicans relentless assault on the poor and middle-class, was already a reality.

So, let us summarize:

Mitt Romney: He has and continues to change positions more frequently that people change their underwear!

Rick Perry: He turned Texas into little China with 1 in 5 people living in poverty; 1 in 4 people do not have any form of medical insurance; he permeates a disdain for Government when in fact he accepted TARP funds and most of the jobs that were created in Texas are Government Jobs, at the cost of the most vulnerable and Texas Children’s education.

Herman Cain: A most pompous and arrogant man who became rich and forgot from where he came by condemning those that are out of work and not rich, and whose 999 trade mark should really be turned upside down to read 666 – “Mark of Herman Cain the best.”

Michele Bachmann: A woman who has Pinocchio’s Diarrhea of the mouth that makes Sarah Palin look like Mother Teresa.

Ron Paul: A good man, A Doctor who should have stuck to medicine because what he promulgates is self evident that he issued one too many prescriptions for himself.

Newt Gingrich: A washed up Ex-Speaker of the House who preaches morality and in fact he is one person that is morally bankrupt, for taking divorce papers to his ailing wife’s bedside to be signed, so he can get remarried!

Rick Santorum: Mr. Extreme Right Wing Republican Christian who advocates Christianity but yet, permeates policies that would further suppress the vulnerable, poor and totally wipe out the middle-class, what’s left of it.

Jon Huntsman: With 1% Polling, all I can say about him is that he should have kept his job as Ambassador toChina.


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