Governor Rick Perry’s wife, Anita, should be renamed Anita Pinocchio Perry!

Anita Perry and Governor Rick Perry’s avarice for power is so unrelenting, they trample over God, The Bible and any and everything that gets in their way – to win! To win what, one may ask? To win more Power!


Mrs. Anita Perry on Friday October 14, 2011 at a campaign rally when told by a young man in the audience that he had lost his job, Mrs. Perry said to the young man; “My son lost his job because of this Administration (Obama).


Rick and Anita Perry’s son, Griffin Perry made a public announcement that he was resigning from Deutsche Bank to help his father raise money. This was necessary on Griffin Perry’s part due to SEC regulations on conflict of interest.


But yet, his mother blamed The Obama Administration forGriffinbeing out of a job. This shouldn’t be important to only me, but it should be important to all ofAmerica, because “this is what is wrong with our country!” Politicians, lying, scheming, cheating, and unrelenting hypocrisy just to be elected, so that they can “screw” us more than they already have!


One day before, October 13, 2011 at another campaign rally Mrs. Perry told the audience that people hate her husband because of his “faith.” She went on to describe Moses’ burning bush and Gideon’s fleece as some of the methods her husband used in his attempt to determine whether or not he should seek the office of the President. She, Mrs. Perry said, her husband Rick, got his answer from God, yes Rick, you must run. I wonder if their god also told them that lying, scheming and blaming others wrongfully were also to be used to win the election!



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