Why we are where we are today financially, and as a country that is spiraling out of control!

As I have always stated and will always declare, the American people andAmericaare the greatest People and Nation in the history of the world.Americaand its people have given much to the world and it is my belief that we would continue on that path, provided we have the means to do so. (History repeats itself – if we are not mindful it could be 1940’s all over again)


But, the reality of Americalies not only in the eight years of the George W. Bush Administration; but also the Clinton Administration; George Herbert Walker Bush Administration; and especially, the Reagan Administration.


Ronald Reagan set out to destroy the Unions inAmerica– The Unions that gave people the right to collectively bargain for better working conditions, health care that really was the engine that helped to create the middle-class. Reagan began the deregulation of the Banks that took us on a path of Wanton Waste by the Bakers and people working for the Government that created losses of hundreds of billions of dollars of tax payer’s money. Reagan also took a 930 billion dollar National Debt and increased it to 2.7 trillion dollars; George W. H. Bush enhanced it to 5.1 trillion dollars; under Bill Clinton the debt only grew to 5.6 trillion but he left a balanced budget with a surplus 5 trillion dollars; and then, George W. Bush spent the entire surplus and added 4.6 trillion dollars to our National Debt, that when he left office on January 20, 2009 our debt stood at 10.4 trillion dollars.


All of the money that got spent; the wars that were initiated that still exist today; the two humongous tax cuts and other monies that were spent, was borrowed money and nothing was never paid for. And so, President Barak Obama got saddled with a Country and 99% of it people in deep and unforgiving waters. To Obama’s credit he infused the necessary cash into the financial system that prevented us from becoming a bankrupt Nation, and despite what his critics espouse, he did stop the hemorrhaging of the loss of jobs despite the 9.1% employment that exist today.


I wrote an entire book titled America’s Paroxysm sometime ago, but I decided not to publish it when it was done because of some significant changes that took place, hence I would have to re-write various parts of the book, before publishing it. However, the first chapter of the book is listed below. You can read or not read it, but should you choose to read it, I feel certain that it would help to provide you with a balanced perspective that would assist you in understanding your country and what you can do, individually and collectively, to help us climb out of the mere we were tossed into by the end of 2008.











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