The “Tyrant” who sowed fear, murder and mayhem, certainly, reaped what he sowed.”

Momma Qaddafi  who for forty-two years raped Libya of its wealth at the cost of the Libyan people; a man who instilled fear into its citizens; tortured them; murdered them; he himself, got a large fatal dose of his medicine on October 20th 2011.


O how the mighty subjugator fell seeking refuge in a drain-pipe (hole), was dragged out of there begging for his life and perhaps in the same manner that tens of thousands of the Libyan people pleaded for their lives, but in the end, he was all alone and dead. He was placed in a refrigerated container like a slab of meat at the Butcher’s shop, except it wasn’t buyers coming to visit, but instead it was the people whom he had terrorized that had the last laugh of this most egregious despot.


One has to wonder what are these “Dictators” thinking when they are committing such heinous crimes against humanity? I wonder! Do they ever stop to ask how much is enough? Am I one day going to have to pay for my deeds? Perhaps they give no heed to such things and perhaps the avarice for power, money, attention and the likes, numbs their thinking process and placates any sense of decency, mercy or any form of goodness, from penetrating their conscience.


Maligning oneself with evil for the temporary rush of life in the fast lane brings about the inevitable; sooner rather than later, you will have to pay the piper! Libya that has oil reserves of forty six (46) billion barrels of the richest oil in Africa with a population of approximately six million people, with proper management everyone could have had a good life, opportunities and pave new and better roads for their children, but Qaddafi’s greed that all of Libya’s wealth inures only to himself and his family, resulted in the suffering of immense proportion to 99.5% of the Libyan people.


Qaddafi, Mubarak and others that fell in the Arab uprising should be a wake up call for the rest of the “Despots,” that time is no longer on their side. But for them they should heed the words of President John F. Kennedy; it is never too late to do the right thing!”



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