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Why we are where we are today financially, and as a country that is spiraling out of control!

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As I have always stated and will always declare, the American people andAmericaare the greatest People and Nation in the history of the world.Americaand its people have given much to the world and it is my belief that we would continue on that path, provided we have the means to do so. (History repeats itself – if we are not mindful it could be 1940’s all over again)


But, the reality of Americalies not only in the eight years of the George W. Bush Administration; but also the Clinton Administration; George Herbert Walker Bush Administration; and especially, the Reagan Administration.


Ronald Reagan set out to destroy the Unions inAmerica– The Unions that gave people the right to collectively bargain for better working conditions, health care that really was the engine that helped to create the middle-class. Reagan began the deregulation of the Banks that took us on a path of Wanton Waste by the Bakers and people working for the Government that created losses of hundreds of billions of dollars of tax payer’s money. Reagan also took a 930 billion dollar National Debt and increased it to 2.7 trillion dollars; George W. H. Bush enhanced it to 5.1 trillion dollars; under Bill Clinton the debt only grew to 5.6 trillion but he left a balanced budget with a surplus 5 trillion dollars; and then, George W. Bush spent the entire surplus and added 4.6 trillion dollars to our National Debt, that when he left office on January 20, 2009 our debt stood at 10.4 trillion dollars.


All of the money that got spent; the wars that were initiated that still exist today; the two humongous tax cuts and other monies that were spent, was borrowed money and nothing was never paid for. And so, President Barak Obama got saddled with a Country and 99% of it people in deep and unforgiving waters. To Obama’s credit he infused the necessary cash into the financial system that prevented us from becoming a bankrupt Nation, and despite what his critics espouse, he did stop the hemorrhaging of the loss of jobs despite the 9.1% employment that exist today.


I wrote an entire book titled America’s Paroxysm sometime ago, but I decided not to publish it when it was done because of some significant changes that took place, hence I would have to re-write various parts of the book, before publishing it. However, the first chapter of the book is listed below. You can read or not read it, but should you choose to read it, I feel certain that it would help to provide you with a balanced perspective that would assist you in understanding your country and what you can do, individually and collectively, to help us climb out of the mere we were tossed into by the end of 2008.









Sad moments for a President who cares about the people he governs…

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The letters that make Obama long for his community-organizing days!

By Eli Saslow, Published: October 14 (Washington Post)

It had become one of President Obama’s signature routines in the White House, a habit he mentioned in dozens of meetings and hundreds of speeches: Every night just before bed, he read 10 letters pulled from the 20,000 that Americans sent to him each day. The notes reminded him of why he wanted to be president, he liked to say. He called them his most intimate link to the people he governed.

But by the time I visited the president in the Oval Office earlier this year to talk about the letters, some of his aides had begun to wonder if Obama’s affection for the mail had outworn its usefulness. Gone were the post-inaugural thank you notes. Instead, Obama sometimes received letters addressed to “Dear Jackass,” “Dear Moron” or “Dear Socialist.” People wrote because they had lost their jobs, their homes or their relatives in the wars. Each day’s mail brought another deluge of hard luck and personal struggle, a wave of desperation capable of overwhelming the senses.

Most sobering of all for Obama, his self-described “direct connection” to Americans had also awoken him to a growing disconnect. People wrote because their problems demanded immediate attention, and yet the process of governing the nation was so slow that Obama sometimes felt powerless to help them.

A few times during his presidency, Obama admitted, he had written a personal check or made a phone call on the writer’s behalf, believing that it was his only way to ensure a fast result. “It’s not something I should advertise, but it has happened,” he told me. Many other times, he had forwarded letters to government agencies or Cabinet secretaries after attaching a standard, handwritten note that read: “Can you please take care of this?”

“Some of these letters you read and you say, ‘Gosh, I really want to help this person, and I may not have the tools to help them right now,’ ” the president said. “And then you start thinking about the fact that for every one person that wrote describing their story, there might be another hundred thousand going through the same thing. So there are times when I’m reading the letters and I feel pained that I can’t do more, faster, to make a difference in their lives.”

For the past year, I had been reading Obama’s mail and traveling across the country to spend time with some of the letter-writers. I had learned firsthand that people tended to write to the president when their circumstances turned dire, sealing a prayer into an envelope as a matter of last resort.

I had also read many of the president’s handwritten responses, in which he sometimes assured in black ink that “things will get better,” even if he wasn’t so sure himself. I had watched him correspond with aMichigan woman while she went through bankruptcy; with a fourth-grader while she attended one of the country’s worst schools; with a mother while she waited to hear from her son inAfghanistan; with a cleaning woman while she battled leukemia and worried about paying her medical bills.

Months after these people wrote to the president, when I mentioned their letters to Obama, he remembered the details of their lives. Their letters had shaped his speeches and informed his policies, but it was their personal stories that stuck with him. “Reading these letters can be heartbreaking,” he said. “Just heartbreaking.”

He said his nightly reading in the White House sometimes made him pine for his days as a community organizer back in the 1980s, when he was making $10,000 a year and working on the South Side of Chicago. He had just graduated from college, and he bought a used car for $2,000 and spent his days driving around to the city’s housing projects to speak with residents about their lives. He became familiar with many of the same issues that would flood his mail 25 years later: housing calamities, chronic unemployment and struggling schools.

Obama’s fellow organizers inChicagoconsidered him a master of hands-on, granular problem-solving. He was skinny and boyish, a good listener, if still a bit naive; and some of the older women in the housing projects made a habit of inviting him into their homes and cooking for him. He looked around their apartments, keeping a log of maintenance issues, and then delivered that list to the landlords. He helped arrange meetings with city housing officials to talk about asbestos problems. He established a tenant’s rights organization, founded a job-training program and led a tutoring group that prepared students for college.

When he left forHarvardLawSchoolafter three years inChicago, Obama knew he wanted to become a politician, a job that would allow him to listen to people’s problems and enjoy the simple satisfaction of solving them.

Now he was the most powerful politician of all — but fixing problems seemed more difficult and satisfaction more elusive. He had yet to make progress on key campaign promises to reform education and immigration. Just this past week, his jobs bill failed to move forward in the Senate. When we spoke, Obama didn’t blame the gridlock and partisanship of a divided capital, but instead stressed the paradoxical limitations of his office.

Meanwhile, the letters kept coming. The president said he wondered whether a community organizer might have an easier time responding to them.

“The people were right there in front of me, and I could say, ‘Let’s go to the alderman’s office,’ or, ‘Let me be an advocate in some fashion,’ ” he told me. “And here, just because of the nature of the office and the scope of the issues, you are removed in ways that are frustrating.

“Sometimes, what you want to do is just pick up the phone and say, ‘Tell me more about what’s going on, and let me see if I can be your social worker, be your advocate, be your mortgage adviser, be your employment counselor.’ So what I have to constantly reconcile in my mind is that I have a very specific role to play in this office, and I’ve got to make a bunch of big decisions that you hope in the aggregate will end up having a positive effect over this many lives. But you can’t always be certain.”

An aide walked into the Oval Office and pointed at her watch. Our time was up. The day was almost over. Another packet of 10 letters was on its way to Obama’s residence, tucked inside a purple folder in his nightly briefing book.

Later that night, he would sit down on his couch, open the folder and find missives from ruralArkansasand downtownDetroit, notes of inspiration and devastation. He would read all 10 letters and reply to one or two. Sending a response still allowed him to provide one thing immediate and concrete.

“It lets them know I am listening,” he said.

And sometimes listening was all he could do.

Eli Saslow, a Washington Post staff writer, is the author of “Ten Letters: The Stories Americans Tell Their President.” This article is adapted from that book with permission from Doubleday.




Governor Rick Perry’s wife, Anita, should be renamed Anita Pinocchio Perry!

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Anita Perry and Governor Rick Perry’s avarice for power is so unrelenting, they trample over God, The Bible and any and everything that gets in their way – to win! To win what, one may ask? To win more Power!


Mrs. Anita Perry on Friday October 14, 2011 at a campaign rally when told by a young man in the audience that he had lost his job, Mrs. Perry said to the young man; “My son lost his job because of this Administration (Obama).


Rick and Anita Perry’s son, Griffin Perry made a public announcement that he was resigning from Deutsche Bank to help his father raise money. This was necessary on Griffin Perry’s part due to SEC regulations on conflict of interest.


But yet, his mother blamed The Obama Administration forGriffinbeing out of a job. This shouldn’t be important to only me, but it should be important to all ofAmerica, because “this is what is wrong with our country!” Politicians, lying, scheming, cheating, and unrelenting hypocrisy just to be elected, so that they can “screw” us more than they already have!


One day before, October 13, 2011 at another campaign rally Mrs. Perry told the audience that people hate her husband because of his “faith.” She went on to describe Moses’ burning bush and Gideon’s fleece as some of the methods her husband used in his attempt to determine whether or not he should seek the office of the President. She, Mrs. Perry said, her husband Rick, got his answer from God, yes Rick, you must run. I wonder if their god also told them that lying, scheming and blaming others wrongfully were also to be used to win the election!



Wall Street’s “money nymphomaniacs and the Republicans, relentless assault on the poor and middle-class!”

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I think that if a “Gadfly” could speak and use words to “run down President Obama,” the desperate Republicans would embrace the “Gadfly!”

Despite some of the News Media calling the winners and losers of The Washington Post Republican Debate carried live on Bloomberg Television on October 11, 2011, it reflects the imbeciles phantasmagoric rationales and internecine policies that these sorry excuses for the Republican Candidates are promulgating, in their hopeless desire to become President, is a fallacy that have no chance of success!

I think that if a “Gadfly” could speak and use words to “run down President Obama,” the desperate Republicans would embrace the “Gadfly” that would result in a surge in the Polls for the “Gadfly.”

What came out of the debate was that everyone of the Candidates justification for wanting to be President is to blame President Obama for “shit” that happened for which he hadn’t any part of. The Economy was already wrecked prior to Bush leaving office, the unemployment was stealing apace, peoples’ life savings, homes and lives were being wiped out by Wall Street’s “money nymphomaniacs,” and the Republicans relentless assault on the poor and middle-class, was already a reality.

So, let us summarize:

Mitt Romney: He has and continues to change positions more frequently that people change their underwear!

Rick Perry: He turned Texas into little China with 1 in 5 people living in poverty; 1 in 4 people do not have any form of medical insurance; he permeates a disdain for Government when in fact he accepted TARP funds and most of the jobs that were created in Texas are Government Jobs, at the cost of the most vulnerable and Texas Children’s education.

Herman Cain: A most pompous and arrogant man who became rich and forgot from where he came by condemning those that are out of work and not rich, and whose 999 trade mark should really be turned upside down to read 666 – “Mark of Herman Cain the best.”

Michele Bachmann: A woman who has Pinocchio’s Diarrhea of the mouth that makes Sarah Palin look like Mother Teresa.

Ron Paul: A good man, A Doctor who should have stuck to medicine because what he promulgates is self evident that he issued one too many prescriptions for himself.

Newt Gingrich: A washed up Ex-Speaker of the House who preaches morality and in fact he is one person that is morally bankrupt, for taking divorce papers to his ailing wife’s bedside to be signed, so he can get remarried!

Rick Santorum: Mr. Extreme Right Wing Republican Christian who advocates Christianity but yet, permeates policies that would further suppress the vulnerable, poor and totally wipe out the middle-class, what’s left of it.

Jon Huntsman: With 1% Polling, all I can say about him is that he should have kept his job as Ambassador toChina.

The Republicans are only temporary embracing Herman Cain because he is a 100% black man that is being unfairly critical of a 50% black man – President Obama!

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Herman Cain is a pompous, arrogant black man who was fortunate to become rich but who forgot where he came from!


First he insulted black people by claiming that “they are all brained washed.”


Then he insulted the twenty million people that are out of work and the total of forty-six million people that are living in poverty by stating that;


“If you don’t have a job and you are not rich, it is your own fault.”


What Mr. Cain fails to see is that the only reason why he has surged in the Polls is not because the GOP are going to anoint him with the Republican Nomination, but rather, they are only temporary embracing him because he is a 100% black man that is being unfairly critical of a 50% black man – President Obama, for whom the Republicans and The Teas Party has shown more contempt for than any other President in our entire History.


But, Mr. Herman Cain should give heed to the words of Jimmy Cliff – “The Harder they come the Harder they fall!”


Mr. Cain is the black male version of Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin combined. His rant is no match for Mr. Obama’s intellect!


Life is a burning ember, where only memories remain!

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Two things are certain in this life and that is; we can never undo the past and we cannot turn back time! And this is the cause of my reflection on something I wrote not too long ago, whereby I stated; “life is a burning ember, where only memories remain.” I desired so much to rectify a personal situation while time still prevailed, but unfortunately for me, time ran out for the other party. As was written in a song;


If tomorrow never comes,

Would she know how much I loved her?

Did I try in every way?

To show her every day

That she’s my only one!”


When the words of this song first penetrated my heart and in subsequent contemplation, I always thought of my mortal life expiring first and never thought for one moment that it could be the other way around! But, now that the latter transpired I must learn to live with those regrets and hope to never allow a second time to occur.


I lost an older brother when I was 19 and he was 26, and then I lost two more brothers a dozen years later. I was young and O! how I loved them, but I still to this day always wonder, “If they knew how much I loved and admired them?” Now, in the midst of this situation, I must go back, then, a little way to the choice mercies of yesterday, and though all may be dark now, I must light up the lamps of the past, they shall glitter through the darkness, and I shall trust in the Lord till the day break, and the shadows flee away.



Beyond this world of wrath and tears….

In the clutch of pains that follow me

From my head down to my sole,

I wonder what life holds’ for me?

In the darkness of my world



Despite the pangs I would not complain

Even when I pine,

And though at times I feel disdain

I know, I am wholly Thine



Beyond this world of wrath and tears

Looms, but the Heavens’ above,

With freedom from pains or fears

And the bounty of my Father’s love



So, in the midst of my circumstance

In this blessed evening shade,

I’ll live by faith and not by chance

Strong in heart and unafraid!



© Sheriff G Ali 2011





South Carolina executed 14 year old teen!

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George Junius Stinney, Jr. was 14 years old whenSouth Carolinaexecuted him, making him the youngest person executed in the 20th century. He was convicted of murdering two girls. Now there’s a move to clear his name. Host Michel Martin speaks with Frank Wu, chancellor and dean of the University of California Hastings College of the Law. Wu has been an outspoken advocate for clearing Stinney’s name.


On April 24, 1944, just one month after his arrest, Stinney went on trial for his life. The trial would take place at the county seat in the City ofManning. Since angry residents already ran the Stinney family out of town, George had virtually no one on his side. The county court appointed a local attorney to assist in his defense.  He was a 30-year-old aspiring politician named Charles Plowden. His goal in the case was simple: to provide a bare bones defense that would fulfill his responsibilities as a defense attorney and, at the same time, not anger the local residents. Since Stinney already confessed to the police and his guilt was firmly established, there was a general feeling that a trial was only a formal requirement.


By the time the trial began on April 24 at the Clarendon County Courthouse, the case was well known throughout the region, though outside the county, it was not widely reported. OutsideSouth Carolina, it was virtually unknown. At the courthouse, it was standing room only, for well over 1,500 people had come to witness the spectacle. The stairways and hallways were filled to capacity. At 10 AM that morning, jury selection began. The State, published inColumbia, reported that “the state rejected four and the defense eight jurors before the jury was impounded at 12:30” (Rowe, p. 1). Even more ominous, however, was the jury composite.  The panel consisted of 12 white men: no blacks and no women. Of course, racial make-up of a jury does not guarantee nor prevent justice. The only standard, in 1944 as well as now, is that a juror must be able to maintain a degree of fairness and objectivity that displays no bias to either side. Given the publicity of the murders and the nature of the crime, the defense would certainly have been better served by a change of venue. Defense Attorney Charles Plowden, however, made no such motion. After a brief lunch, testimony began. “The trial began at 2:30 PM after eight minor cases had been disposed of in the morning” (The Daily Item, April 25, 1944).


Prosecutor Frank McLeod introduced Stinney’s statements of March 25 into evidence. In his initial statement to Deputy Sheriff Newman, Stinney explained that he was near his own home outside Alcolu when the oldest girl came along and asked him where she could pick some flowers. As he attempted to show the girls where the flowers grew, he said, the younger girl accidentally fell into a ditch. As he tried to help Mary Emma, both girls suddenly attacked him. Stinney admitted to hitting the girls with the railroad spike but claimed he did so in self-defense.

In the second statement, also given to Deputy Newman and Officer Pratt, Stinney gave a different version of the event. He told police he was indeed at his own home when he first saw the girls go by. He stated that he then followed the girls into the woods. Stinney said that he was interested in the older one, Betty June. In order to have Betty June to himself, he killed Mary Emma first by hitting her with the railroad spike. Betty June then attempted to run away and Stinney chased and caught her. When she continued to resist his sexual advances, he battered her with the same railroad spike. The State reported that Judge P. Stoll, who was from Kingstree, just 15 miles from Alcolu, halted the testimony to give women in the courtroom a chance to leave prior to “morbid details” (Rowe, p.1).

Scott Lowden, who found the dead girls, was called to the stand. He testified as to the condition of the bodies when they were found. He described a broken bicycle, which lay over the girls. The bodies were entangled with each other and lay submerged in the water where Stinney had dumped them. Betty June’s sister testified that it was she who gave the scissors to the girls to cut flowers.

The prosecution then called Dr. R. F. Baker to testify. It was Dr. Baker and Dr. A. C. Bozard of theTuomeyHospitalinSumterwho performed the post mortem examination of the dead girls. The autopsy reports were read into testimony: “We examined the body of eleven year old white girl. There was evidence of at least seven blows on the head of the child that seemed to have been made by a blunt instrument with a small round head about the size of a hammer. Some of these have only cracked the skull while two have punched definite holes in the skull” (Dr. Bozard’s autopsy report). Although Dr. Baker was unable to positively state that a rape or sexual assault had occurred, he did say that it was possible (Rowe, p. 1). Stinney, dressed in blue Junes, maintained a calm demeanor throughout the afternoon; “He remained calm and apparently little concerned” (Rowe, p. 1).

The presentation of the case, led by McLeod, moved quickly. Too fast, some say. Plowden and his assistant, attorney J.W. Wireman of Manning, presented no witnesses or evidence for the defense of Stinney. Instead, Plowden attempted to portray Stinney as a child who was too young, by law, to be held responsible for his crimes. In retaliation, the prosecution introduced Stinney’s birth certificate, which indicated he was born on October 21, 1929. UnderSouth Carolinalaw in 1944, an adult was anyone over the age of 14. George Stinney was 14 years and five months old. That was the end of the case. It had begun at 2:30 in the afternoon and was over by 5:30 PM. “The jury retired at five minutes before five to deliberate. Ten minutes later it returned with its verdict: guilty, with no recommendation for mercy” (Brock, sec. D). The entire court proceeding from opening statements to sentencing had taken less than 3 hours. George Stinney “only when asked to arise and be sentenced, did he appear nervous and slightly excited” (Rowe, p.1). Judge Stoll sentenced him to die in the electric chair at Central Correctional Institution inColumbia,South Carolinaon June 16, 1944. Stinney was quickly escorted out of court. He had less than two months to live.


Retrieved from various sources and the pages of America’s dark ages, as recent as 1944!


UPSIDE DOWN COUNTRY! The harder you try to do good, the less you are appreciated!

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Prior to Senator Barak Obama becoming President,America’s standing in the world as a country people admired stood at only 16%. This was the result of the “wantonness” of the George W. Bush Administration.


It was the first time in our history we became such a despised country. Just imagine, subsequent to the horrendous evil of September 11, 2001, we were the most admired country in the world. Then Bush’s capriciousness to take us intoIraqand the consequences that followed was most devastating to our country.


In November 2008 when Senator Obama became the President-Elect, our standing in the world escalated to 80% of the world having a positive view of America, and since then the world’s view has remained quite steady to the present day.


However, in America where people hide their racism and hate as so many in the GOP camp, from the Republican House of Representatives, Senators, Governors and worst of all, The Tea Baggers, our country has been turned “upside-down!” The Conservative Media, namely Fox News (Telephone Hackers) permeate so much despicable nonsense along with their hate mongering guests; it is nothing short of “Narcissistic poisonous deluge!”


Religious fanaticism and extreme right-wing Politicians are destroying the very fabric of what made America the greatest of all Nations!


America, wake up, these people does not have your interest even in the minutest part of their thoughts; to them you are of the saxifrage family – “the shrub bearing their gooseberries.” When you attend their rallies and they look down at you, they seen not your faces, but they do indeed see “dollar signs!”




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