Today, November 6, 2011 is fifteen years since I fell into a COMA and subsequently woke up to tell about it!

On November 6, 1996 I fell into a diabetic coma. At the time I fell into the coma I became totally incapacitated. I was placed in the “Emergency Section” of the hospital and this is what transpired.


With my body laying on the bed, hooked up to all of the machines, I felt my body jolting and what came next, was me standing at the side of the bed looking at my physical body laying on the bed with the penetrating view of the white sheet drawn all the way up to my neck. It was from that moment that the events that followed next you would find it hard to believe, but for me it is not about who believes or don’t believe, the fact remains is that I do believe and now fifteen years to the date, I have never stopped believing.


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