Dr. Ron Paul is filling out the paperwork as they haul Rick Perry away. Dr. Paul is ruling it Political Suicide!

Rick Perry wants to eliminate three Government Agencies! Problem is, Rick can’t name the agencies, he doesn’t know. His colleagues on stage with him try to help him out, but his Political last rites are being read to him as Dr. Ron Paul takes over!


“Commerce, Education and the – what’s the third one there? Let’s see,” the Texas Governor said during a debate Wednesday night, November 9, 2011. Perry’s rivals tried to help him out and suggested the Environmental Protection Agency.”


“EPA, there you go,” Perry said taking their word for it. But that wasn’t it. And when pressed Perry drew another blank. Moderator John Harwood, one of CNBC’s debate host asked, “You can’t name the third one?”


“The third agency of the Government I would do away with – the Education, the Commerce. And let’s see. I can’t. The third one, I can’t,” Perry said. “Oops.” Later in the debate Perry said he meant the Energy Department.


The immediate fallout was brutal beginning on Twitter as business legend and former General Electric CEO Jack Welch tweeted; “Perry’s response will be on highlight reels for years to come.”


Another tweet from Tim Albrecht spokesman for Iowa Governor Terry Branstad read; “Rick Perry just lost the debate and the entire election. You only had to name three.”


A statement by former President Gerald Ford in a 1976 Presidential debate is among the most memorable. Ford famously baffled audiences when he said, “There is no Soviet domination ofEastern Europe.” Later pressed by the moderator, he refused to back down. That moment haunted the rest of his campaign and he lost to Jimmy Carter.


My extraordinary dilemma is; “how can the Republicans tolerate their present list of Presidential Candidates?


Rick Perry apart from failing every debate thus far, he is on You Tube making a complete fool of himself which begs the question, was he drunk or high on pain killers?


Michele Bachmann is such a quack she makes Sarah Palin looks like Maria from the Sound of Music!


And let us not forget the wonders of wonders, Herman Cain who during an Interview on PBS said; “I hearChinais trying to develop Nuclear Weapons!” Herman Cain who wants to be President should know thatChinahas had Nuclear Weapons since 1964.


Thus it begs the question as to why these so called – Candidates – and the people that support them could even contemplate any of them becoming President of theUnited States.


And let us not forget the Chameleon of Chameleons – Brother Mitt Romney! Romney has changed more positions than a hooker in a dark back ally. This statement may seem offensive to some, but the actual truth is, Mitt Romney has and continues to be Pimped by every single Political Wind, and I am not speaking of the Zephyr!




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