BRITISH AGENTS assisted in the capture of SAIF AL-ISLAM, Moammar Gaddafi’s son, in a daring £25 million JAMES BOND-STYLE bugging mission!

The top-secret mission dubbed OPERATION X that gave away no clues used the latest hi-tech ELINT electronic intelligence technology to bug Saif al-Islam along with his friends and family.


Saif al-Islam had been hiding out in the desert for weeks but the breakthrough came when Saif made two consecutive calls to advise that he was alright. It allowed the joint British and French bugging operation to pinpoint where he was.


M16 Agents using the £25 million top-secret equipment to close in on Saif before calling in the Libyan Snatch Squad. Saif was targeted by the British but it was essential for the Libyans to capture him.


Saif al-Islam, the London-Educated son of Gaddafi was picked up with two aides while trying to flee to neighboringNiger. He was taken to Zintan in northernLibya.


Saif told reporters that his right bandaged hand was the result of a Royal Air Force strike during the month of October, but that he was alright!




Saif al-Islam (39 years of age) could have done so much more with his life. He earned a PHD in Economics inLondonand seemed to have had in the past, much aspiration in helping his country to remove his father’s dysfunctional rule that kept the Libyan people in turmoil for forty-two years. But in the end he decided to collaborate with his father, in the further slaughter of the Libyan people that lead to the demise not only of his father but also, two of his brothers.


I do not believe that the Libyan Government would send him to the International Criminal Court, but he would be tried inLibyathat would be witnessed by outside observers. However, the inevitable outcome for Saif al-Islam would be execution. Perhaps this could be a great lesson for the other Dictators that subjugate their people for the avarice of money and power! 


Saif al-Islam means “Sword of Islam”


Sheriff G Ali



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