This is from the movie BAGBAN which translates “care-taker.” The Parents four children had taken, and taken and taken from their parents and they ended up treating their parents like dirt, never ever remembering that their parents gave them “all” that they had!


This video is where the children had separated their parents who never spent one night apart in the forty years they were married. The parents had given their four children all that they had, and the father ended up having to stay with one son and the children’s mom had to stay by another son, solely because their sons thought that it was a burden having both parents in the same house was too much for them. The father asked his son to use the phone to call his wife (the boy’s mother) because it was the first night they were being apart after 40 years. When he asked his son to use the phone, the boy just walked away. Here is the son’s father, heartbroken; pangs and pines; went out into the rainy street to use the phone to call his wife.




[This is what he was singing to his wife from the phone booth]



You and I are separate

What has life come to?

You are the only one I see

Everywhere I cast a glance

I get no sleep

I miss you badly

I can’t live without you anymore

You and I are separate

What has life come to?


It is as if time has come

To a standstill

There is gloom everywhere

I pine for you

I am lonely in body

Thirsty in soul


Not even for a moment

Why wouldn’t your face

Fade away from my eyes

Day and nights do go by

A lonely life

Just won’t go by

You and I are separate

What has life come to?



[Here he stopped singing and said to his wife, Ok then, by, “don’t forget to write.”

[Now he is about to hang up the phone and he hears his wife, as she sings]


Whenever I hear foot steps

I feel as if you have arrived

Life is whiff of fresh air

You have lent

Fragrance to my breath


These were the days

When we were always together

And time is so much different

Between us now

You and I are separate

What has life come to?




Their father had adopted a child that used to shine shoes and placed him in school. The boy did very well in school and went toEnglandand graduated there. He returned toIndiaand started a business. To this “boy,” his adopted father was “the image of who God is!” He got married and brought his adopted parents to their home. When you look at the short video you will see the photograph of their adopted parents. Amazing, because when his adopted parents saw this, their heart was happy and their heart was breaking as to how, their own children treated them like dirt, and this adopted son, saw them as God and Goddess! But I thought about it and thought about it, and my conclusion from my own experience in life tells me:





Sheriff G Ali

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