Political Carpet-Bombing of Mitt Romney is needed by President Obama and the Democratic National Committee!

Political Carpet Bombing of Mitt Romney must be done in a progressive manner to inflict Political damage to every part of Romney’s Business and Political Life. First, the DNC must go after him during his time as the head of Bain Capital where his policies and that of the Bain Management ruined the lives of thousands of people.


This Political Bombing must not only be Carpet Bombing but it must include Precision Bombing, aimed at exposing the money that still inures to Romney from Bain Capital despite the lives he has destroyed; Romney’s Tax Returns that he refuses to release to the Public, despite the fact that he wants their votes; and every unethical venture he indulged in while usurping people’s lives for “mammon!”


Romney’s greed for money and power catapulted him to carry out some of the most egregious, pernicious and vicious acts against the employees of the Companies that Bain Capital bought and sold. To them the “employees” were just mercantile to be bought and sold like merchandise.


Dating back to 2007 it is now five years that Romney has been and continues to run for President of theUnited States. And in that regard he spews narcissists poison deluge against the present Administration, blaming President Obama for everything that has gone wrong inAmerica, over the past thirty years


Amazing is it! All the years of Romney and Trump slashing and burning people’s lives; Trump with at least nine bankruptcies; Romney with his version of Capitalism; buy and sell Companies and ship the jobs overseas, and to watch their continued dishonesty and hypocrisy propelled by the Media’s complicity and duplicity for a greater rating, you can’t help but wonder, is it possible for our country to crawl out from under the rocks, tossed upon us by; Romney, Trump, Gingrich, Santorum, Bachman, Perry, and yes, previous and present Democrats.





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