The Republican definition of “conservative” should be: odoriferous, inhumane, vultures, heartless-monsters, self-righteous, unequivocal liars…


The Republican definition of “conservative” should be: odoriferous, inhumane, vultures, heartless-monsters, self-righteous, unequivocal liars, and everything that is parasitic!


The GOP Presidential Candidates have created a fictional version of President Obama and they are not running against Obama, but rather, the “fictional version” that they have created in their own sick minds.


Their Colleagues in the House of Representatives, Senate, Governorships, Fox’s misnomer that impersonate NEWS, and most of all, the extreme right wing of the Republican base, are as delusionary as the Republican Candidates themselves.  


At the inception of their campaign for the Republican Nomination and into the months that followed, there were TEN Candidates seeking their party’s nomination. Like wounded animals hemorrhaging, to date, SIX have fallen from grace and returned to their Kennels, licking their wounds.


From the very first debate when there were nine little men and one little woman, (I speak of their minds) it seemed apparent that they took a litmus test and agreed on a single statement that permeated out of their mouths that have been said and continues to be repeated: “Anyone of us on this stage can do a better job than President Obama.” O really! Remember Michele Bachman’s winning of the silly “straw-poll” that lead her to say; “Barack Obama would be a one term President and I am going to replace him and be your next President and take back our country.” Shocking, positively shocking, isn’t it? I did not know that anyone had taken our country from us, did you?


The Fictional President they have created according to these deranged people have taken our country and ran up a fifteen trillion dollar debt; his policies have cost us fourteen million jobs; his foreign policy of apology has weaken our Nation; Obama is America’s largest food-stamp President; and yes, they go on and one into the abyss. Had I not have a mind of my own to dissect fact from fiction, I could have easily become one of the nut cases that support these people.


FACT: During the last year (2008) of former President George W. Bush’s Presidency, we were losing 750,000 jobs per month and that continued into January 2009 when Obama was sworn in as President. Even then Bush’s policies were still in effect and it took Obama several months to implement his Policies and since June of 2009 to the present time, job loses stopped and we have been gaining jobs every month. Of course it is not as fast as we would like it to be, but it is much better than what is was under Bush.


As for the Economy, our entire financial system had crumbed by September 2008, due to Bush’s irresponsible invasion of Iraq when we were already actively at War in Afghanistan, and if that wasn’t bad enough, Bush and the Republican controlled House and Senate passed two enormous egregious tax cuts that only favored America’s top 2%.


When George W. Bush left office on January 20, 2009, he and his cronies had spent the entire surplus and added five trillion dollars to our National Debt and in addition, the two wars and the two tax cuts weren’t paid for, and yes without a doubt we were heading into the abyss to become another Russia when the Soviet Union collapsed. And yet, these parasitic vultures, these WANT-TO-BE-PRESIDENT, with impunity, they exclaim each and every day, thatAmerica’s troubles are solely the fault of President Obama.


The only thing that is sadder than these morons that seek the Presidency is the American people that are following them down the road of perdition! I say to you America, wake up, think about your life prior to 2001 and then meditate upon Bush’s eight years as President with his Republican House and Senate, and be at least truthful to thine own self and admit, “we were screwed, tattooed and blued,” by the same people you reinstalled in Office in 2010 and that you are entertaining to again take control of the Presidency!


In your contemplation, meditate upon God and not the divisiveness of all of the MAN MADE RELIGIONS that have dogged us with impunity, since the inception of man!



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    • As a student of Law, “Freedom of speech is for every one.” Merriam Webster’s definition of “Democracy” is; “To respect others even when you disagree with them,” and as such, I may disagree with you, but I respect your objectivity!

      S Ali

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