Our children’s future and the generations to come!



Ninety eight percent {98%} of the American people are being deprived of the benefits that should be implemented by the House of Representatives and the Senate.


The Republican controlled House of Representatives are blocking any and all meaningful legislation because they hold the majority and Republicans in the Senate are doing the same, because the Democrats do not have sixty votes to break the “Filibuster and Cloture Rule 22.”


If the Bills that are blocked in the House of Representatives and Filibustered in the Senate by the Republicans were in the interest of the American people, that would be admirable, however, the Republicans are using these methods “as a deceitful means to a deceitful end!”


Just imagine that these are the same people that literally tossed us into deep and unforgiving waters from 2001 through 2008, when they controlled the House, Senate and the Right Wing Supreme Court, and yet, without any sense of conscience or shame, their aspiration isn’t to make your life better, it is “to once again control The White House, The House of Representatives and The Senate, come November 2012!


Are the American people going to allow this to happen on November 6, 2012? Well, I am not sure because I “know” that the American people are goodhearted human beings, but I also know “that they are big on mouth and short on memory!”


The proof is that it only took two years [November 2008 through November 2010] for the American people to reinstall the Republicans in control of the House of Representatives and increase the Republicans number in the Senate, despite the “calamity” these same people imposed on us!


One cannot attribute this type of behavior to have any nexus with logic, this is just plain “dumb!”


To those that are criticizing Obama as some kind of dictator stop the whining! You have been saying that since he took office, and continually compared him to Stalin and Hitler for wanting to give the nation health care.


You’ve unfairly never accepted him as President in part and let us face facts; it is because of his race. For his first two years in office, he honestly tried to reach out to Republicans again and again only to be responded to in the most undignified and insulting manner a president has had to suffer in modern history. The “Party of No” has been using obstructionism as a political tactic to put their party’s chances of victory ahead of critical national priorities.


And now the president finally is doing something about it. He is not, however, becoming a dictator or doing anything unconstitutional. He is not declaring martial law or declaring some new powers the office has never had. He’s finally using some of the powers that he’s thus far been reluctant to use.


I applaud his decision. He honestly tried bipartisanship for years only to have Republicans in Congress act like a bunch of petulant children who refuse to play at all if they can’t be in charge. Our nation has too many serious problems to wait for Republican officials to start acting like adults.


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