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Go ahead Romney, make my day!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 26, 2012 by sheriffali

Former Governor, Mitt Romney and the Republican Politicians were caught flat-footed, when President Obama issued the executive order blocking the deportation of children, who were brought toAmericadue to no fault of their own.


As the President explained, this order is a temporary order for only two years at which time he hopes that both Republicans and Democrats in Congress, would work together and legally reform the broken Immigration Policies that would resolve in a humane manner, the plight of the approximately twelve million undocumented immigrants, presently living in the dark shadows.


Subsequent to the issuance of the executive order he was severely criticized by Mitt Romney. Romney during the Primaries drove himself so far to the right that he fell off the extremist cliff as it pertains to the Hispanics. For several days he has been asked about the President’s executive order as to whether or not he would overturn the executive order if elected President, and to this minute, Romney’s only response is that when he becomes President, he would devise a long term plan to fix our broken system, but never answer the question about what he would do about the innocent children caught in the middle of this fracas.


Like his Republican cohorts, they blame Obama for not having reformed our outdated Immigration Policies. Just imagine; the undocumented immigration problem [can] have been kicked down the road from Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton.


However, despite George W. Bush’s extremely bad Presidency, Former President George W. Bush, Senator John McCain and [deceased] Senator Ted Kennedy, formed an alliance and created a bill known as “The Dream Act.” The extreme right wing in the Republican Party and the extreme left wing in the Democratic Party, literally placed The Dream Act on hold.


Subsequent to Obama becoming President, he reintroduced The Dream Act. The Democrats voted to pass the bill but only received support from three Republicans and the bill was and still is held up in Congress. To make matters even worse, Senator McCain who was one of the sponsors of the bill; withdrew his support for the bill he helped to write.


It is just my humble opinion that the Maverick, Moderate, Senator, John McCain, who got slapped upside the head in his resounding defeat in the 2008 Presidential Election, has become even more extreme than people such as Newt Gingrich.


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