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Mitt Romney had a “Vagina” before becoming a “Dick;” hence his constantly changing positions!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 5, 2012 by sheriffali

Romney was Pro-Abortion before he became anti-abortion; he was for Gay Rights and now he is against Gay Rights; he was against the Auto Bail Out and now he takes credit for it; he was Mr. Outsourcing of American Jobs and now he is Mr. In-Sourcing.


Romney is for everything until it becomes Politically beneficial to him to be against everything.


So why should it be a surprise that when Mitt Romney passed Universal Health Care for the State of Massachusetts it was a “penalty,” but now under Obama’s “Affordable Care Act,” it is a tax!


Mr. Romney’s remarks, made in a hastily arranged interview with CBS News on a national holiday, prompted renewed criticisms that he was willing to adjust his views for political expediency. Two days earlier, his chief spokesman and senior strategist had said that Mr. Romney did not believe the mandate should be called a tax.