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Some of us in America are blind, dumb, deaf, and stupid; and are in a paroxysm!

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Some of us inAmericaare blind, dumb, deaf and really stupid! We allowed George W. Bush and the Republican Party eight [8] years to wreck our country; two wars; two tax cuts that benefitted the top 2%; deregulations of all sorts that was the catalyst in bringing us to our knees, as George W. Bush’s Policies spawned an Orwellian Terror State and Bankrupted our once great nation, displacing tens of millions from their jobs and their homes.


The Republicans claim that big tax cuts were the only way to grow the economy and create jobs! Well, these deranged tax cuts are ten years and counting, so where in the hell are the jobs that Bush was supposed to have created and why did the economy “suck” by the time the idiot left office. [We had a job loss of four [4] million plus when he left office]


Now, many Americans who are genuinely hurting financially, they blame Obama for all that ailsAmerica. Just imagine, Bush and his Ochlocracy left us dangling at the edge of a cliff financially and otherwise. Obama saved us from falling over the cliff and his policies have stopped the hemorrhaging of 850,000 jobs per month, at the time George W. Bush left office and well into the Obama Presidency, until his Policies were enacted.


For twenty-eight [28] straight months more than four million jobs were created and our hope for a better tomorrow although it may still be farther down the road, the reality is that we are stable again, irrespective of the fact that the economy is not where we would like it to be and there are still too many people out of work.


But here is the stupidity! Mitt Romney, Bain’s Capital Cut Throat Guru wrecked companies; looted their finances; made tons of money for himself and his friends; shipped American Jobs Overseas; has changed his positions more times than a prostitute in a dark ally; hid his money in overseas accounts; transferred owner-ship of one of his Off-Shore Corporations to his wife one day before he was sworn in as Governor; released only one tax return for 2010; blames Obama for everything that has gone wrong in our country, while promising the American people that he knows how to rectify our financial system and to my dismay, many people seem to believe that he would actually accomplish their objective by looking out for their best interest.


Romney without any shame whatsoever every day on the campaign trail repeats this statement; “President Obama doubled our national debt; wrecked our economy; has been a total failure on foreign affairs and that he, Obama, is solely responsible for the condition of our Country.” What a crock of shit!


When Obama took office our national debt was 10.4 trillion dollars and it is now 15.1 trillion dollars. What Romney and those Parasitic Republicans don’t tell the stupid American people is that; of the 5 trillion dollars increase in our national debt, 88% went to paying off bills that the idiots; Bush; Cheney; Rumsfeld; Hank Paulson; The Republican House and Senate ran up and then refused to pay. Their refusal to increase the debt ceiling was the cause for us losing our Triple A Credit Rating.


In the final analysis, if the American people in November vote their fears and not their common sense and elect Mitt Romney as President; keep the Republicans in control of the House and give them the majority in the Senate, I predict that it would be inside of two years, “we America, would become exactly like Russia in January 1990 – a total bankrupt nation.”


And, if that be the case, then the American people who voted these people back into office after witnessing and living out the day-mares and night-mares that was created by George Herbert Walker Bush’s spoiled and deranged son, George W. Bush, they would have no one to blame but them-selves! Romney’s plans are identical to that of George W. Bush and the fact that it has failed so miserably why would anyone defy common logic to think it would work this time?


Old Man Bush so wants to continue his dynasty despite him and his family advocacy of Patriotism and love for America, they have thrown their support behind Romney. Does the Bush family really think that if Romney becomes President he would resolveAmerica’s problems? Of course not! What the Bush Dynasty is counting on is that Romney would suck so badly that he Romney would be a bigger ass-hole than their “Moron Son,” who hides out inWacoTexas. Come to think about it, they should call that place Wacko!


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