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D.C. officer allegedly threatened to shoot the First Lady! Michelle Obama!

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[During that conversation, the officials said, the officer allegedly said he would shoot the First Lady and then used his phone to retrieve a picture of the firearm he said he would use. It was not immediately clear what type of firearm was allegedly shown.

An officer overheard the alleged threat and reported it to a police lieutenant at the Division, who immediately notified superiors, the officials said.]

A D.C. police officer who worked as a motorcycle escort for White House officials and other dignitaries was moved to administrative duty Wednesday after he allegedly was overheard making threatening comments toward Michelle Obama, according to several police officials.

The police department’s Internal Affairs Division is investigating the alleged comments and notified the U.S. Secret Service Wednesday, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to give details of the investigation.

The motorman allegedly made the comments Wednesday morning as several officers from the Special Operations Division discussed threats against the Obamas. It was not immediately clear where the alleged conversation took place or exactly how many officers took part in the conversation.

During that conversation, the officials said, the officer allegedly said he would shoot the First Lady and then used his phone to retrieve a picture of the firearm he said he would use. It was not immediately clear what type of firearm was allegedly shown.

An officer overheard the alleged threat and reported it to a police lieutenant at the Division, who immediately notified superiors, the officials said.

“We received an allegation that inappropriate comments were made. We are currently investigating the nature of those comments,” D.C. police spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump said in an e-mail. She declined to discuss the matter further.

Police officials declined to identify the officer. Officials from the U.S. Attorney’s office declined comment.

In an interview Thursday afternoon, police union chief Kristopher Baumann said he did not have details on the matter.

There was no indication of a legitimate danger to Michelle Obama. A Secret Service spokesman declined to provide further details, saying in an e-mail that the agency was aware of the incident and “will conduct appropriate follow-up.”

Police officials immediately reassigned the officer to other duties, the police officials said.

The police escorts the Special Operations Division performs for the First Family are dignitary escorts

The propriety and cost of that run — which was reimbursed by a concert organizer — was debated later at a District Council hearing and reviewed by the District’s Office of the Inspector General which concluded, among other findings, that the department needed clearer guidelines on conducting escorts.



If the American people who vote against their own interest had half a brain and common sense with an IQ of 2, they would see who are against them and who are for them!

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They would see the egregiousness; perniciousness; machinations and the likes; of a Republican Party, co-mingled with a Tea Party, who are experts in advocating narcissistic poisonous deluge, that is torpedoing America’s greatness; diminishing the middle-class; betraying our Seniors; forsaking the poor and completely tossing into the abyss, the future of our children and grand-children. 


CONGRESS: The Republicans have refused to even vote ONE [1] time on the Employment Jobs Bill that would actually help to create approximately one million plus new jobs, but voted THIRTY-THREE [33] times to repeal President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act, even, subsequent to the United States Supreme Court upholding the AHCA as Constitutional.


Some of us in America are blind, dumb, deaf and really stupid! We allowed George W. Bush and the Republican Party eight [8] years to wreck our country; two wars; two tax cuts that benefitted the top 2%; deregulations of all sorts that was the catalyst in bringing us to our knees, as George W. Bush’s Policies spawned an Orwellian Terror State and Bankrupted our once great nation, displacing tens of millions from their jobs and their homes.

The Republicans claim that big tax cuts were the only way to grow the economy and create jobs! Well, these deranged tax cuts are ten years and counting, so where are the jobs that Bush was supposed to have created and why did the economy “totally faltered,” by the time the George W.H. Bush’s monster  Son – George W. Bush, left office. [We had a job loss of four (4) million plus when he left office]

Americans who are genuinely hurting financially, they blame Obama for all that ails America. Just imagine, Bush and his Ochlocracy left us dangling at the edge of a cliff financially and otherwise. Obama saved us from falling over the cliff and his policies have stopped the hemorrhaging of 850,000 jobs per month at the time George W. Bush left office and well into the Obama Presidency, until his Policies were enacted.

For twenty-eight [28] straight months more than four million jobs were created and our hope for a better tomorrow although it may still be farther down the road, the reality is that we are stable again, irrespective of the fact that the economy is not where we would like it to be and there are still too many people out of work.





Fox News doesn’t hire idiots, they become that way after joining Fox. And as for CNN, it was once a grand name when Ted Turner owned it. Now CNN like MSNBC and FOX, they don’t have reporters, but what they do have are Opinionated Morons full of avarice for attention.

In the final analysis I think Clint Eastwood said it best in one of his Dirty Harry movies, and I quote: “Opinions are like A—HOLES, everybody got one!”

Thank God for ABC, NBC AND CBS; because without them the public at large who solely depend on Television for their News, America would be in an even more sorry state than it is with CABLE MISNOMER NEWS passing itself out as “real” news.

The days of Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, Frank Reynolds and others who reported the “facts,” and allowed the public to decide what is or aren’t news, are long gone.

I do have sympathy and empathy for those that are struggling and for the President’s unwavering commitment to help the middle-class and the poor, but I despise those wretched mortals who run down the President irrespective of what he does, and if they could get away with using the word N – – – – instead of President, they would.

With and by the Grace of God I have done well in this life and I seek no hand-out from anyone, but I can tell you before achieving that goal I knew what it was to be ill and couldn’t afford to see a doctor; to starve, not just feel hungry, but to go for days on end without food.

Some may wonder if I am blindly defending President Obama and the answer is no! But I do understand the President’s predicament because what I abhor most in this life is “ungratefulness,” and it is in that perspective, I would defend this President more than I have ever defended any other President.

At 18 years of age I was tossed into circumstances not of my making and was demanded by my parents to travel to America without money or any education, to assist my brother that was ill and dying. He died 9 months after I got there but he left two young children, one 18 months and the other 3 years.

Within a week of arriving in AmericaI got a job in a Bakery with wages of $1.65 per hour. I worked my way through school, held down that job, took better jobs as they came along. I got married, legally adopted my brother’s two children and had two biological children. Towards the end of the 70’s I decided to become self-employed and I have to this day.

As time went by rather rapidly I lost two more brothers and they left 8 children. Those 8 children and their mothers I helped indirectly from a financial stand-point and otherwise. As for my parents at the inception of 1980 I gave them the best life they ever had. My father died in 1987 and my mother in 2001.

The moral of my personal story is that, the “ungratefulness” espoused by; mother; father; sister-in-laws and all twelve children have been so egregious, it has left me in shock and awe to this day. My solace in all of this is; there are not two sides to every story, there are three; one is my side; the other are all of the family mentioned above and the third is God’s side, and as for me, I leave it all into the hands of the Almighty.

Barack Obama is President and as for me I never have and never will engage in Politics as a profession. However, my nexus with the President is that I did not support him at all until after he became President, but what I can say without equivocation whatsoever is that, “I have witnessed this President unwavering in his quest to do all that he can for the American people, not some, but all Americans!”

But, to my dismay, the level of hatred and the uncalled for disenchantment and ungratefulness some Americans have for this President, is beyond my human capabilities to comprehend.

If you care to indulge in a little of my life’s story you can find it on this link;

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