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Mitt Romney insults his HOST [United Kingdom], and the British press described Romney as “worse than Sarah Palin.”

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Mitt Romney is good at pointing out problems but never seem to have a resolution, hence the reason why he is positively clueless to the realities of real life and real problems. To have gone to another country as a guest and criticize the Government and its citizens, is self evident that Mr. Romney is only good at “slash and burn” for profit.


It is laughable to hear Mitt Romney boasts about his success as though it was “originally” created by him when in fact, he was the benefactor to his generous father, George W. Romney, for which by all account seem to have been able to feel the pain of others, whereas, his son, Mitt Romney, is bankrupt of any feelings whatsoever.


I feel bad for Mitt Romney, because, despite my adamancy of not supporting Mr. Romney for any public position, he is representing the United States and its people and when he is filled with fraught, it reflects on all of us. His stupendous ability to be charred of any original intellectual exchange is worrisome, because he has many days left on his foreign exploits, and I wonder not if but when, Romney’s verbal time-bomb will proliferate again.


Sheriff Ali


 British press described Mitt Romney as “worse than Sarah Palin.”




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