Condoleezza Rice, without any sense of regret or shame you stood at the 2012 Republican Convention blaming President Obama for “leading from behind.” At least he is leading, but from where did you all lead.

You lied to the American people in 2001

And you have lied to them again in 2012


Subsequent to the devastating attack on September 11, 2001; you lied to the American People when you were asked as to whether or not the Bush Administration had any foreknowledge of threats by Al Qaeda, to use Air Craft as weapons against the United States. You flatly denied of any such information.


The National Intelligence Estimate dated August 6, 2001 had explicit threats, but, you and the rest of Bush’s gang were too arrogant to pay attention to anything of significance until after the catastrophe.


On January 25, 2001, the head of America’s Counter Terrorism Unit ask to have an urgent meeting with you precisely about the dangers we faced from Al Qaeda, but, that meeting never took place until ONE WEEK prior to the 9/11 attack.


You and the people you follow can throw read meat to the idiots who hasn’t a clue of which is up, but, there are people who do not deal in hyperboles, they deal with facts. And the facts are that had it not been for legal action by the Media that filed litigation “Under the Freedom of Information Act,” we would have never seen the August 6, 2001 NIE (National Intelligence Report).


At least the four people in the image with you had the better sense “not to show up at the Convention;” it is amazing that you did. Harry Bellefonte was right about you when he refused to attend the Ceremony for his Civil Rights Achievement, solely because you were going to be the Keynote Speaker.

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