How can anyone support non-military Americans owing a Bushmaster 0.223 AR-15 Assault Rifle that killed our Babies?

Our Senators and Congress men and women are willingly allowing themselves to be Pimped by; Wayne LaPierre, Larry Pratt and the Gun Lobby for their own self interest!


The smaller of the Firearms problem are Wayne LaPierre of the NRA; Larry Pratt of the Gun Owners of America and other Gun-Rights advocates. These people and organizations are the symptoms of Gun Violence.


However, the bigger and more egregious problem that is the cause of this manifest machinations are the Politicians that have allowed and continues to allow themselves to be dominated by the Gun-Pimps for Political longevity and self gain, rather than doing what is best in the interest of the American people.


There are some Democrats but mostly Republicans that have allowed  them selves to be subjugated by these subjugators out of selfishness, arrogance and cowardice to stand up for what is right. They accept wholeheartedly the NRA’s money and repeatedly vote against your interest, and yet, so many Americans blindly support members of Congress in both the House and the Senate out of party affiliation; being uninformed of what their Leaders are doing and believing the phantasmagoric rationales and internecine policies, that are promulgated by the self indulgence twenty four hour Cable News.


America must wake up and take notice that most of the people in both houses of Congress have been there for decades. They have enriched themselves with their capricious behavior and our continued support by voting for them, each and every time they are on the ballot for reelection. The American people must understand that if we are to have any meaningful change, it would have to come from the People who must resort to the root of our Democracy that we are; “a Government by the people and for the people.”


Most of the Members of the House of Representatives and our Senators very rarely work while most of us toil six to seven days per week. It is our Tax Dollars that pays for their Salaries; Expenses; Medical Insurance; when they are working and when they are not and we even pay for the postage stamps that they use. When are we going to realize that the people we vote into office are there to serve us and not themselves!


We have to ask ourselves; are our Representatives doing what is best in our interest and that of our children and our country? We must consider the fact that perhaps most of the bickering and verbal assault may be a farce to deflect their lack of action that is to our detriment.


When we honestly and collectively can answer these questions and come to the conclusion that we are being used as a people, we must then take action to remove the “dead-weight” from the Houses of Congress and install others that would work on our behalf. And, if the new-comers fail to perform we must continually make changes until these Political Hacks get the message; “We are not going to take it any more.”


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