Benghazi in “perspective: Perhaps, just perhaps, Ambassador Christopher Stevens in his mind envisioned a “Utopian World.”

After 42 years of being a menace to his people and society as a whole, Mammary Gadhafi met his brutal end. There were a multitude of different factions who fought against the Gadhafi regime inside of Libya. When Gadhafi died and there wasn’t any ruling Government, the mass stock pile of weapons were being burglarized by the different factions.


We had maintained a small Consulate Office in Benghazi before Gadhafi fell and the person in charge was Christopher Stevens. He was in the Peace Corp for many years and was fluent in Arabic and had a working relationship with them. At the start of the new government we had a fortified Embassy in Tripoli in addition to the Consulate Office in Benghazi and an Annex with CIA Officers. [This was confidential until Congressman Darrell Issac open-door hearing that blew their cover] Their purpose was to try and control the weapons from going into the wrong hands.  


Christopher Stevens who became Ambassador to Libya made a decision to leave the fortified Compound in Tripoli and go to Benghazi for a “ribbon-cutting” ceremony. When people are trying to find fault they can’t see the truth and the truth is; Ambassador Steven didn’t like security to be with him at various times because he was in life and in death, quite respected not only by the Libyans but the Arab world as a whole and he felt secured with them. [Perhaps in Ambassador Stevens mind he had a Utopian World] The people who attacked the Consulate Office and killed Ambassador Stevens and the three other Americans are despicable fanatics, to their own people and everyone else.


It seems apparent that dealing with the different groups and different people there may have been a “selling out” by one or more of the Libyans associated with our people. That is how I believe the Benghazi Office got the surprised attack and we lost our people. It was and is a sad situation; a tragedy; but nothing in the [Report] disseminated information released by the  Investigating Board , suggests that there was some type of cover up.


[Ambassador Thomas Pickering headed the five member board that investigated the Benghazi tragedy. Just so the uninformed don’t suppose he is a friend of Obama, here is his record;]


His four-decade-long career in Foreign Service included ambassadorships in Russia (1993–1996); India (1992–1993); United Nations (1989–1992); Israel (1985–1988); El Salvador(1983–1985); Nigeria (1981–1983); and Jordan (1974–1978). Additionally, he served asUnder Secretary of State for Political Affairs from 1997 to 2000. He holds the rank ofCareer Ambassador, the highest in the U.S. Foreign Service.[6]


The News doesn’t highlight the good; just the bad and the ugly, but here is some good;


On September 21, about 30,000 Libyans marched through Benghazi calling for support of the rule of law and for an end to armed militias.[6][113] Carrying signs with slogans such as “We Want Justice For Chris” and “Libya Lost a Friend,” the protestors stormed several militia headquarters, including that of Ansar al-Sharia, an Islamist militia who some allege played a role in the attack on U.S. diplomatic personnel on September 11.[114][115] At least 10 people were killed and dozens more wounded as militiamen fired on demonstrators at the headquarters of Sahaty Brigade, a pro-government militia “operating under the authority of the ministry of defence.”[6][115][116]


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