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Pennsylvania Republican Sisters convicted on corruption! Charlie’s Angles! You think?

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These are file photos of former state senator Jane Orie, right, from Feb. 29, 2012, her sister Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin, center, from May 18, 2012, and their sister Janine Orie, 



PITTSBURGH (AP) — The story has more irony than a Greek tragedy. Three sisters from a devoutly Catholic family have seen their personal and political careers ruined by a scandal that began with, of all things, a letter to some nuns.

Thursday’s conviction of suspended state Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin along with her aide and sister, Janine Orie, on campaign corruption charges mean they might join a third sister — former state Sen. Jane Orie — in state prison. No sentencing date has been set.

The former senator was sentenced last year to 2½ to 10 years for using her state-paid staff to run her campaigns, though she was acquitted of having them campaign for Melvin, then a lower appellate court judge, who was running for the Supreme Court in 2003 and 2009. Joan Orie Melvin and Janine Orie were convicted in a spinoff investigation and found guilty of similarly misusing Melvin’s former staff and the senator’s.

Even before the convictions, their careers — and the family from which they sprang — were extraordinary. Dr. John Orie, now 90, and his late wife, Jean, raised nine children including five attorneys, Joan and Jane among them; two cardiologists; a teacher; and a human resources manager, Janine, who worked for her sister Joan Orie Melvin in the lower Superior Court before moving up with her to the Supreme Court.

“It’s all pretty unbelievable,” said John Burkoff, a university of Pittsburgh law professor who has closely followed the cases. “Whatever you thought about the Orie sisters, whether you liked or didn’t like them, you have to look at all of this as tragic.”

Jim Roddey is a prominent businessman who heads the Republican Party in Allegheny County, where Republicans are outnumbered more than 2 to 1 by Democrats and where Pittsburgh, the county seat, hasn’t elected a GOP mayor since the Great Depression.

Before 2010, when Republican Tom Corbett was elected governor, Jane Orie was the state Senate majority whip — the highest-ranking elected Republican politician not just in Pennsylvania, but also of several states in the Northeast, Roddey said. And Melvin, elected in November 2009, was one of seven members of the state’s highest court.

And now? Jane Orie resigned her Senate seat in May, and Melvin’s status on the state’s highest court figures to change, one way or another. State lawmakers have already asked her to resign or face articles of impeachment. If those are approved by the state House, Melvin would be tried by the Senate, which could remove her from office if she hasn’t already been removed by the state’s Court of Judicial Discipline.

Now that she has been convicted, Melvin has 30 days to respond to charges of misconduct filed with that court by the state’s Judicial Conduct Board. If it is determined Melvin has violated professional conduct rules or the state Constitution, or brought disrepute to the judiciary, the court can remove her from office.

Melvin’s criminal defense attorneys and her disciplinary court attorney didn’t return calls Friday. The Ories have argued the prosecution is the result of a political vendetta by Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala Jr., a Democrat, who has repeatedly denied ulterior motives.

When the investigation first became public in late 2009, the sisters claimed they were being targeted because Zappala’s family has interests in legalized gambling, which the Ories opposed expanding in Pennsylvania.

The allegations grew uglier, when Melvin — after it was known Sen. Orie was being investigated but before the justice was charged — called for an audit of two child care centers that paid kickbacks to two judges in northeastern Pennsylvania’s Luzerne County who sent troubled youths to the facilities. The facilities were co-owned by Gregory Zappala, the prosecutor’s brother, who was never charged in the scheme and has repeatedly denied wrongdoing.

To this day, some Orie supporters still believe those politics — not justice — drove the prosecution. Roddey acknowledges the sisters’ success in a politically hostile environment has something to do with that chatter.

 “That’s part of it,” Roddey said. “But the other half of the equation is that her prosecutor was Stephen Zappala, and Joan’s biggest public battle was she chastised the Supreme Court for what happened in Luzerne County.”

Whatever the motivations, two juries have now found enough evidence to bring the overachieving siblings from triumph to tragedy despite a raft of supporters — Sen. Orie spent $420 on a chartered bus to bring 50 character witnesses to her trial — and, even, efforts to seek divine intervention.

During the investigation, which centered on the sisters’ emails, prosecutors stumbled onto messages Sen. Orie and Melvin sent to the “angel lady,” a Philadelphia psychic who read her client’s written questions aloud before claiming to receive a whispered answer from an angel.

The senator and justice sought assurances from the $85-an-hour medium that Zappala’s investigation wouldn’t result in criminal charges. But rather than being touched by an angel, the sisters were undone by some nuns.

That happened in late October 2009 — days before Melvin won her Supreme Court seat — when a Senate intern complained to Zappala that Sen. Orie’s staff was doing campaign work for Melvin. The complaint centered on a letter Sen. Orie wrote on Melvin’s campaign stationery asking Pittsburgh-area nuns to vote for Melvin.

When Orie and Melvin learned of the whistleblowing intern, the senator had a staffer prepare another letter — a “cover-up” letter, according to prosecutors. This time, Sen. Orie — on her own stationery — spoke about civic events of interest to nuns but didn’t mention Melvin.

Prosecutors contend the letter was created to make it appear the intern was simply mistaken about what she saw and was never mailed. Eventually, Sen. Orie’s and Melvin’s staffs told a grand jury about other illegal campaign work done in Orie’s Senate offices and Melvin’s chambers.

“Frankly, it’s a smart group of people. How could they put themselves in this kind of situation?” Burkoff said. “This is the kind of thing we’ll be puzzling about for years.”



Higgs boson find may spell doom for the universe!

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BOSTON –  A subatomic particle discovered last year that may be the long-sought Higgs boson might doom our universe to an unfortunate end, researchers say.


The mass of the particle, which was uncovered at the world’s largest particle accelerator — the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva — is a key ingredient in a calculation that portends the future of space and time.

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Crystal Chandelier and an amazing friend!

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The Desert of sand filled with thorns

A Rose may not die but it will mourn,

Before you choose to be with me

Take a look, at all that you see


No Mansion with a Crystal Chandelier

Life’s precariousness, we will live in fear,

No dresses for special dances

Life’s Necessities, one in a million chances


I must give up all that I earned

Happiness is all that I yearn,

This decision to give up all

Is to answer my destiny’s call


All I have is standing in front of you

Think, before you say I do,

Into the myriads of miles of Sea

That silent distance, well, that is me!


© Sheriff G Ali 2009-2013

Author’s Comments

I must go back a little way to the choice mercies of yesterday; and though all may be dark now, I must light up the lamps of the past; they shall glitter through the darkness, and I will trust in my Lord, till the day break, and the shadows flee away.



Roger Mahony robbed the dead; Robert Van Handel molested 17 boys; The Pope turned a blind eye! Why do people follow any religion?

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As the scandals continued to rock the Vatican, Pope Benedict turned a blind eye and now he has decided to resign, blaming it on his age. Well is it his age?


A Roman Catholic former Priest, Robert Van Handel gave a chilling confession, detailing how he molested seventeen innocent boys!


Pressed to come up with hundreds of millions of dollars to settle lawsuits for “clergy sex,” Cardinal Roger M. Mahony turned to the Catholics whose faith could not be shaken; “The Dead.” The Archdiocese of Los Angeles took ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS [$115,000,000.00] from its cemeteries’ maintenance fund to settle claims without informing the relatives of the deceased.


The Papacy!


The Pope the head of the Catholic Church, for far too long, this religion seemed to have embraced the coronation of the Pope as being greater than “all” men which is a fallacy.


For after all, the Pope, Ministers, Preachers, Imams, Pundits and the likes, they are neither God nor Christ; “in the final analysis they are just men, fallible and imperfect.”


These people and by whatever manner one identifies with them, they are derived from religion; something created by men and hence, since men are fallible, so is religion.


I have traveled much across this vast world we live in and I must say that the Catholic Missions are a great assistance to humanity, irrespective of the people, race or class.


However, for the Pope and others in the Catholic religion to advocate that their Priests can’t get married is just insane. Some men are born eunuchs from their mother’s wombs and others become eunuchs from a sincere desire to be eunuchs. But, not all men can be made into eunuchs.


My absolute frustration with the Papacy has been and continues to be, their advocacy of demanding their followers not use any form of contraceptive and that they should keep having children, even if they have no viable means to take care of the many children they bring into this world.


And of course the other is, from the Pope and everyone under him who have participated in the cover-up of innocent children, who has been molested by people that these children were taught to trust, this is not just evil, it is beyond evil.


Perhaps, with the Pope’s resignation the Vatican can anoint a more practical person as their new Pope, and allow that person to work within the Church to implement practical rules that would benefit their Church members and society as a whole.


This may be highly improbable for the Vatican but it is not impossible, if they would only consider the amount of children’s lives they have destroyed with their absolute and profound nonsense of forcing men to be hypocritical eunuchs!  


The day Albert Einstein feared has finally arrived!

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“I fear the day when technology will surpass our human interaction; the world will have a generation of idiots.” Albert Einstein…


Description of photos:



Top left – Friends cheering their team!


Bottom Left – Two people on an intimate date!


Top right – Friends having coffee!


Bottom Right – Albert Einstein; the genius


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What is wrong with the Republican Party?

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The Republicans continuous and contentious extreme right-wing poisonous deluge as advocated by Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Rush Limbaugh, John McCain, Lindsay Graham and so many others, continually insults the American people, labeling them as “takers.”


Looking back over the past forty years, there has never been so much extremism, hate, racism and everything that ails the human souls, as permeated by most Republicans over the past four years.


It seems self evident that the Statesmen and Women in the GOP have either died or retired and what is left are the dregs; that permeate total insanity as a panacea to their dwindling influence.


Those tired Old White Men really needs to retire and go home to their families and enjoy their twilight years, thus allowing the younger and more susceptible generation to re-launch a New-Breed of Republicans, that would seek the interest of “all” Americans, and disavow the internecine advocacies that have become the GOP’S brand.


Fox News, whose ratings have fallen by 40% in January 2013, fired Dick Morris for his sorely incorrect predictions in the 2012 Presidential Election. It is just reward for Morris who reaped what he has been sowing for the past decade plus.


However, it is going to take more than removing Dick Morris and Sarah Palin for Fox to reestablish itself as a News worthy Television Station. Outside of Chris Wallace, Bret Baier and Shepard Smith, almost all of the other Fox Hosts are so pernicious that their egregiousness just doesn’t allow a person to look at Fox’s misnomer news.


Hence, the additional problem for the Republicans happens to be Fox News. Just imagine, Greta Van Susteren almost every night her guests includes; John Bolton, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove and others, the same people that screwed America into the ground and yet, Fox repeatedly makes claim that they are “Fair and Balance.”


And let us not forget Sean Hannity, who has been preaching hate, racism and falsehoods for way too long that I do not believe that he can tell the difference between truth and fiction.


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Hillary Clinton; thank you for restoring America’s credibility during your stewardship as Secretary of State 2009-2013!

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Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton: Madam: I don’t know that everyone would agree with me, but I do believe that you would go down in “history” as the “greatest” Secretary of State since the inception of our Country.


And, irrespective of whether you seek the Presidency in 2016 or not, you would always have my unequivocal support in all of your future endeavors. As was written long ago;


“There is something in a woman beyond all human delights: a magnetic virtue, a charming quality, an occult and powerful motive, of heart-felt caring and love!”


“A beautiful woman is the perfect workmanship of God and the sole wonder of the world, so when I see the elaborate study and ingenuity displayed by women in the pursuit of aspiring to the highest level of society, I feel no doubt of their capacity for the most herculean undertakings!”

 Sheriff Ali