Hillary Clinton; thank you for restoring America’s credibility during your stewardship as Secretary of State 2009-2013!

Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton: Madam: I don’t know that everyone would agree with me, but I do believe that you would go down in “history” as the “greatest” Secretary of State since the inception of our Country.


And, irrespective of whether you seek the Presidency in 2016 or not, you would always have my unequivocal support in all of your future endeavors. As was written long ago;


“There is something in a woman beyond all human delights: a magnetic virtue, a charming quality, an occult and powerful motive, of heart-felt caring and love!”


“A beautiful woman is the perfect workmanship of God and the sole wonder of the world, so when I see the elaborate study and ingenuity displayed by women in the pursuit of aspiring to the highest level of society, I feel no doubt of their capacity for the most herculean undertakings!”

 Sheriff Ali



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