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“Let Him kiss me with the kiss of His mouth!” Songs of Solomon 1:2 [HAPPY EASTER]

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The month of April is said to derive its name from the Latin verb aperio, which signifies to open, because all of the buds of blossoms are now opening, and we have arrived at the gates of the flowery year.


In beginning a new month, let us seek the same desires after our Lord as those which glowed in the heart of the elect spouse. See how she leaps at once to Him; there are no prefatory words; she does not even mention His name; she is in the heart of her theme at once, for she speaks of Him who was the only Him in the world to her.


How bold is her love! It was much condescension which permitted the weeping penitent to anoint His feet with spikenard – it was rich love which allowed the gentle Mary to sit at His feet and learn of Him – but here, love, strong, fervent love, aspires to higher tokens of regard, and closer signs of fellowship.


Esther trembled in the presence of Ahasuerus, but the spouse of joyful liberty of perfect love knows no fear. If we have received the same free spirit, we also may ask the like. By kisses we suppose to be intended those varied manifestations of affection by which the believer is made to enjoy the love of Jesus.


The kiss of reconciliation we enjoyed at our conversion; and it was sweet as honey dropping from the comb. The kiss of acceptance is still warm on our brow, and we know that He hath accepted our persons and our works through rich grace. The kiss of daily, communion; is that which we pant after to be repeated day after day, till it is changed into the kiss of reception, which removes the soul from earth, and the kiss of consummation which fills it with the joy of heaven.


Faith is the road, but communion with Jesus is the well from which the pilgrim drinks. O lover of our souls, be not strange to us; let the limps of Thy blessing meet the lips of our asking; let the lips of Thy fullness touch the lips of our need, and straightway the kiss will be effectuated. 


In Her Eyes

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To My Daughter – Natalia Ali; love Dad

By Michelle W. Emerson


The depth of a father’s love shows in his daughter’s eyes.

What’s known is what’s shown from sunset to sunrise.

A foundation built on more than just what is spoken.

It’s commitments kept and promised that go unbroken.

An emotion so immense that nothing in this world can erase.

The permanent impression of love is tattooed upon her face.

A relation so peculiar that only the two can understand,

Yet so immaculate it’s obvious that, by God, it was planned.


I believe it all began when she would sleep upon your chest.

Now you’re her number one, her favorite, you’re the best!

You move and she watches so closely it’s as if she’s in a trance.

The fact that she can repeat you, exactly, isn’t just by chance.

From wrestling, racing, jump roping to being made up like a doll.

Both playmate and best friend, you’ve done some of it all.

A secret place, a look, special time just for her and you.

When a choice is to be made, it’s all about what Daddy wants to do.

And you’re there to cater to her every need and every wish.

There’s an invisible pedestal for Daddy’s little princess.

She’s content just to be. She’s filled with absolute bliss

Just to sit up under you, giving an occasional hug and kiss.

Sweet dreams are non-existent without Daddy’s goodnight kiss.

Your gentle stroke, words just for her, your check on hers is what she’d miss.

It’s simply because of how you love her, I surmise.

The depth of your love always shows in her eyes.



With you her laughter is harder and her smile is even brighter.

You have a friendship, a bond, a soul tie that couldn’t be any tighter.

It’s more than a special bond; it’s an exclusive connection.

No room for a third party or attempted interjection.

This love is reserved just for Dad and no other.

It’s not the same for siblings, not even for Mother.

It’s the kind of love that I could never despise.

For the depth of your love always shows in her eyes.


To her, you’d give anything, but it’s not about the gift.

It’s that marvelous smile brought on by the spirit you lift.

It’s not about what you can give her or about what you can do.

It’s about the unconditional love reciprocated between you two.

It’s the tears in her eyes when you two disagree.

Nothing’s quite right until ‘I love you and I’m sorry.’

It’s that spunk in her step, the rainbow in her eye-

You’ll know she’s a Daddy’s girl when she passes by.

She’s got the kind of love that never fades or dies.

The depth of your love always shows in her eyes.


Upon angel wings you soar; your sparkling golden halo glows

Whenever she’s with you, it’s Heaven in her eyes that shows.

Her eyes hold a song so beautiful you’d think it was Heaven’s melody.

It’s the music of love’s symphony composed by each precious memory.

The love known is the love you’ve shown from sunset to sunrise.

The depth of your love will forever show in your daughter’s eyes.

 NATALIA ALI- a-fathers-prayer-for-his-daughter









Did Pontiff Benedict resign, or, did the Vatican Pontificators resign him, to rescue their own dismal image?

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It is quite possible that Pope Benedict’s resignation wasn’t voluntary, but perhaps it may be the conspiracy of the Vatican’s Collegiums Pontificum in an attempt not only to rescue their faltering dismal image, but to rescue their financial house from all of the egregious misuse of funds, from cover-ups of molestation; to robbing the dead; to the disgraced Vatican Bank and a host of other problems.


The ousting of Pope Benedict is perhaps due to the most significant factor and that is, almost fifty (50%) percent of The Roman Catholic Church Members are Latin Americans, hence the reason for the first Non-European Pope in more than one thousand (1,000) years.


Vatican’s appointment of Pope Francis is perhaps an attempt to hold on to their most loyal Members that accounts for 50% of the Roman Catholic Religion:


Not all but most Spanish people are die-hard loyalist to the Roman Catholic Religion and who else but them, would continue to give their unwavering support in dedication and money to men who seems in their own minds to have usurped God and have convinced others that they are Holier than Christ Himself. When God in the flesh walked the earth in the form of Jesus Christ, He did so in the most humble manner. However, take a good look at Pope Benedict with his costume from his head down to his toe that looks like he is in the Brazilian Carnival Parade.  


Robbing those whose faith could not be shaken – the Dead:


Cardinal Roger M. Mahony used 115 million dollars from a Los Angeles cemetery maintenance fund to pay landmark settlements with molestation victims. The church did not inform the relatives of the deceased that it had taken the money, which amounted to 88% of the fund. The families of those buried in the church-owned cemeteries and interred in its mausoleums have contributed to a dedicated account for the perpetual care of the graves and crypts. But, the Robe-Wearing Gangsters calling themselves Priests, Cardinals and the likes, literally robbed the dead.


Vatican Bank mysteries and scandals!


Robert Calvi, sometimes referred to as “God’s Banker,” was found dead in 1982, hanging from a bridge in London. The Vatican Bank was recently in the news following the Ferrari-driving Lawyer who has been charged with defrauding insurance companies and using the Vatican Bank to hide the loot.


To his credit, Pope Benedict XV1 tried to insert some transparency into the bank’s operations, but ran into the Vatican Political Wall. Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, President of the Vatican Bank was fired because he was getting too close to the truth.


The Vatican Bank has been involved in money laundering and various forms of illegal activities for decades. The Vatican which is the Roman Catholic Religion is the only religion in the world that has Embassies in several countries and instituted self-amnesty for all those in esteem positions in the Church.


In the final analysis, the heads of the Roman Catholic Church/Religion is not about God, it is about cover-ups; schemes; money laundering; sex abuse to innocent children and perhaps murder. The question is why anyone would follow these Pharisees whose deeds are unequivocally – “pharisaic ostentation.”

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India, the new Nigeria for Internet and phone Scams! It is real; don’t be a “victim!”

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Using the Internet and the United States Telephone Companies System, Indian criminals are like the locusts that are swooping over Egypt.


It seems apparent that India that has benefitted much from the West investments into “call centers; manufacturing and distribution,” not all, but a large number of New Criminals are coming out of India and reaping havoc on the American people.


I have unequivocal evidence of Indian people from India that have attempted to defraud me just over the past week. (March 5, 2013 – March 8, 2013)


I received a telephone call from a United States Telephone Number 253-235-2435 from a man who identified himself as Kevin Peterson. He had one of the deepest Indian accents and there was no mistaken that he was Indian. And this is how brazen these people have become. He said and I quote:


“I am Kevin Peterson and I am with the United States Custom’s Department. You are in big trouble and if you don’t follow my instructions, these troubles would ruin you.” [This man whoever he is had my social security number; my home address; my business address and to me, that is highly dangerous.]


 I inadvertently allowed my temper to get the better of me and I said to the man; “You are one of those Indian Criminals trying to defraud me like you have other people. I said, I am going to report you to the F.B.I. and they would find you wherever you are. At that point he hung up the phone. I immediately called the number 253-235-2435 and I got a voice message recording that says; “This is the United States Customs Office, leave a message and someone will get back to you.” The funny thing is that the voice message was made by the same man that called me with the deep Indian accent.


The other call came later in the week from 877-308-4487. This was another Indian person this time claiming to be an Attorney for USA finance Company. After reading my Social Security Number, address and other vital information, he told me that I borrowed 100,000 US dollars from USA Finance Company and I did not pay them back. He said they were going to file suit against me and the only way to stop the suit is for me to wire via Western Union, 90,000 US dollars to him. Just imagine, I have no idea who is USA Finance Company; I have no loans from any finance company or banks, and yet, with such brazenness, this person calls me. I told this man in a calm voice that what he was doing is wrong and he is disgracing his Country and that the Law will catch up with him. In a softer voice than when he first spoke, he told me he was sorry.


There were numerous other calls and attempted fraud, but, I happen to be one of the people that are aware of these crimes, because, Capital One Bank notified me in writing that I was a “victim” of Identity Theft and in many ways that helped me to be prepared to deal with the unexpected. Others haven’t. An American woman lost $39,000.00 US dollars to an Indian Shyster. The Shyster didn’t stop there, he went after a Canadian woman and that is how the authorities in America and Canada tracked him down in India, and the Indian Authorities have arrested him.


After the calls I gathered myself rather quickly and began to put the pieces together as to how to I can be of assistance to others who may have had the same situation happened to them. I checked the search engines, Google Chrome and others and if you type in India/Internet Scams, there are pages and pages of every scam that are beyond your own imagination.


I am an active member of the three Credit Reporting Agencies and I placed a block on my credit reports. Within the next day or two I am going to send a certified letter to the Indian High Commissioner in Washington D.C. There is an email address for India Times News Paper that is currently reporting on the spiraling of these scams. The address is;  In addition, there is an Indian USA Hotline for the reporting of fraud committed by Indians 800-209-6789.


The Telephone Companies and other Companies like Google that assign free telephone numbers to you if you are a member of Google plus, they are also responsible for perpetuating theses crimes. They are so busy trying to make more money than they can spend; they sacrifice your security for MAMMON!


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Mitt & Ann Romney tells Chris Wallace – Fox News why they thought they had won the 2012 Presidential Election. Interview March 3, 2013

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CHRIS WALLACE of “Fox News Sunday,” sitting down with Mitt and Ann Romney, at their home in La Jolla, Calif.: “Is it true that you both thought going in you were going to win?”

ANN ROMNEY: “Well, I for sure did. I think Mitt intellectually was thinking that it was possible we couldn’t; he knew how close it was. But my heart and my whole soul was we’re going to win. I was there.”

MITT ROMNEY : “Yeah, I think we were convinced that we would win. We saw that the polls were very close. But we knew that the energy and passion was with our voters … and my heart said we were going to win. … The exit polls came out first and suggested that it was going to be very close in Florida. And we thought we’d win solidly in Florida. So it was increasingly clear that this was going to be, with the best-case scenario, a long night. … [I]t was a slow recognition until, ultimately, when the Ohio numbers began coming in and they were disappointing. I said, ‘Look, this looks like we’ve lost’ — wasn’t certain. Some people said, ‘Oh, look, if this number here comes in, why, you could win.’ But you know, by 8 or 9 o’clock, it was pretty clear that we were not going to win.” …

WALLACE: “We begin to see random pictures of you, pumping your own gas with your hair messed up; hugging Ann in the kitchen; hanging out with the kids at Disneyland.” …

MITT ROMNEY: “[W[e were just living our life. And obviously people would see us in various places, either walking along the beach or, in this case, getting gas for the car. And they’d take out their cell phones and take a picture. None of those were done by professional photographers or I might have, you know, combed my hair, seen them coming.” …

ANN ROMNEY: “I think it takes time. I think I’m mostly — you know, the great ‘Princess Bride’ line, ‘mostly dead.’ I’m mostly over it. But not completely. You have moments where you … go back and feel the sorrow of the loss. And so, yes, I think we’re not mostly dead yet.”

MITT ROMNEY, on his post-election “gifts” remarks: “The president had the power of incumbency. Obamacare was very attractive, particularly to those without health insurance. And they came out in large numbers to vote. So that was part of a successful campaign. … I’m not going to second guess what other people have to say. Look, I don’t look back. I look forward.”

WALLACE, to Mrs. Romney: “Why do you think he lost?”

ANN ROMNEY: “I think they had a better ground game. … I think we were not aware — you know, we certainly had the passion coming from our side — and I don’t think we were as aware of the passion that was coming from the other side. I think we were a little blindsided by that.”

WALLACE: “Do you think that the two of you at all contributed to this image … that you were so wealthy that you were somehow out of touch with the concerns of the average American?”

ANN ROMNEY: “[T]hat’s a reality that you can’t change. We are who we are. The thing that was frustrating to me is that people didn’t really get to know Mitt for who he was.

WALLACE: “[T]here were reports [by POLITICO] that you and your oldest son, Tagg, were frustrated with the Romney campaign, that they didn’t, quote, ‘let Mitt be Mitt,’ that they didn’t let him show his more open, compassionate side. True?”

ANN ROMNEY: “Well, of course. It was partly — it’s true. But it was not just the campaign’s fault. I believe it was the media’s fault as well, is that he was not giving — being given a fair shake, that people weren’t allowed to really see him for who he was.” …

WALLACE: “Do you think the media was in the tank for Barack Obama?” [Laughter]

ANN ROMNEY: “I think that it’s — anytime you’re running for office, you always think that you’re being portrayed unfairly. And we of course, on our side, believe that there’s more bias in favor of the other side. I think that that’s a pretty universally-felt opinion.”

WALLACE: “What do you think of the campaign that Barack Obama ran?”

ANN ROMNEY: “I think, obviously, it was a winning campaign. It worked.”

WALLACE: “Do you think it was fair?”

ANN ROMNEY: “No. … Portrayal of my husband. … He really is a selfless person that really, truly cared about the American people. … He has enormous skill sets in dealing with difficult issues. And I totally believe at this moment, if Mitt were there in the office, that we would not be facing sequestration right now.” …

MITT ROMNEY: “We’ve renamed our foundation The Romney Foundation for Children. We’re going to help the very poorest kids on the world. We’re going to help kids in this country with disease and great difficulty. And that’s taking more and more of our time. We’ve got a chance to spend more time with grandkids. We just had twins born, as you know, and being with them was a thrill.” …

WALLACE: “Were you approached by ‘Dancing with the Stars’?” …

ANN ROMNEY: “I was. … I did consider it. … I love the show. … I would’ve loved to have done it, and I am turning 64, and I started thinking about it. I’m not really as flexible as I should be. [Laughter] … I understand Dorothy Hamill has been picked, and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, am I glad I didn’t do that! I wouldn’t want to compete against Dorothy!”…

MITT ROMNEY: “We see … one grandchild or another every day. We took them to Disneyland. We took them snow skiing. … Our … sons Matt and Craig live close to an open-space area. We throw the ball for the dogs, we play sports with the kids. They like kicking balls, hitting baseballs. We do the things that grandparents are expected to do with grandkids.”


ROMNEY: “I recognize that I lost, so I’m not going to be the leader of the Republican Party. Other people will take that mantle. But I want to have influence on getting our party into a position where we can be successful in solving the problems the country has. … I recognize that as the guy who lost the election, I’m not in a position to tell everybody else how to win, all right? They’re not going to listen, and I don’t have the credibility to do that anyway. But I still care. … I’ll look at what’s happening right now, I wish I were there. It kills me not to be there, not to be in the White House doing what needs to be done. The president is the leader of the nation. The president brings people together, does the deals, does the trades, knocks the heads together; the president leads. And I don’t see that kind of leadership happening right now.”

WALLACE: “What is this president doing?”

ROMNEY: “Well, he’s campaigning. He’s the only one that can say to his own party: ‘Look, you guys, I need you on this.’ And get some Republicans aside … pull them off one by one. … [N]o one can think that [the sequester has] been a success for the president. He didn’t think the sequester would happen. It is happening. To date, what we’ve seen is the president out campaigning to the American people, doing rallies around the country, flying around the country and berating Republicans and blaming and pointing. … That causes the Republicans to retrench and to put up a wall and to fight back. It’s a very natural human emotion. …

“The president has the opportunity to lead the nation and to bring Republicans and Democrats together. It’s a job he’s got to do and it’s a job only the president can do. … [T]his is America we’re talking about, at a critical time. And, … you know, Nero is — is fiddling.” [Laughter] …

–On the primaries: “[T]he idea that somehow … the primary made me become more conservative than I was just isn’t accurate. On the other hand, a long and blistering primary, where people are attacking one another and where the attacks sometimes are not on the mark but are creating an … unfavorable impression, those things are not helpful.

–On the “47 percent” video: “[I]t was a very unfortunate statement that I made. It’s not what I meant. I didn’t express myself as I wished I would have. You know, when you speak in private, you don’t spend as much time thinking about how something could be twisted and distorted, and it could come out wrong and be used. But, you know, I did. And it was very harmful. What I said is not what I believe. Obviously, my whole campaign, my whole life has been devoted to helping people, all of the people. I care about all the people of the country. … There’s no question that hurt and did real damage to my campaign.”

–On Chris Christie and Superstorm Sandy: “I don’t think that’s why the president won the election. My campaign had to kind of stop. … [W]e were getting ready to hammer, hammer, hammer our message. We had to stop. But as for Chris Christie, Chris did what he thought was the best for the people of his state. And I respect … that. …

“I lost my election because of my campaign, not because of what anyone else did. … I see my mistakes and I see my flaws … I did better this time than I did the time before. [Laughter] And I won’t get a third chance. I’m not doing it again. The weakness that our campaign had, and that I had, is we weren’t effective in taking my message primarily to minority voters, to Hispanic Americans, African Americans, other minorities. That was a real weakness. We did very well with the majority population, but not with minority populations. And that was a — that was a failing. That was a real mistake. …

“I think the Obamacare attractiveness and feature was something we underestimated … particularly among lower incomes. And we just didn’t do as good a job at connecting with that audience as we should have. … I’m not going to disappear. I’m not running for office. I don’t have a big organization that’s out speaking in my behalf. But I care about America. I care about the people that can’t find jobs. I care about the fact that we’re racking up larger deficits and putting the peril of the future generation very much in — in play. I really care about this country. I care about my 20 grandkids, the kind of America they’re going to have. And sitting on the sidelines when so much is at stake is just not in my nature.”