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Maureen Dowd –New York Times! You are so full of Bull Shit that it has become difficult to even follow your OP-ED.

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The Gun Bill failed to pass the senate because 5 Democrats [Including Harry Reid] and 41 Republicans, “BALLS” are bagged by the National Rile associate that these Senators do not know where their ass-holes ends and how far up their behind the NRA reaches.


Why it is that it is Obama’s fault that the Gun Bill failed when it is the fuckers who has been in the Senate for Decades (most of them) cater to special interest rather than the American people.


The fault begins with the American Voters who keep these ass-holes in office by reelecting them term after term which is against the Voter’s interest. Why people vote against their own interest is  the “ADAGE” for which the answer is still unknown!


Why don’t you Ms. Dowd use one of your Columns to scold the Americans who are so frigging dumb, by reelecting some of these Senators and Congressional Leaders? These are the same voters that put and kept George W. Bush and Dick Cheney in the White House for eight years and it is within that eight year period that our country went to hell in a basket.


I guess you are afraid that the public would rip into you for criticizing them!


One Boston Bomber is dead; the other is “cornered” by Federal and State Authorities!

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One of two suspects wanted in Monday’s deadly Boston marathon bombing was killed early Friday in a violent standoff with the police in a quiet residential neighborhood just west of Boston. The second suspect remained at large following what authorities described as a deadly crime spree that left one police officer dead and another seriously wounded.


Open New Times Link for the full story:



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The FIVE Democrats and FORTY-ONE Republicans that voted against the “background check,” are they for the American people or for “special interest?”


These forty six leeches that live off the Tax Payers that are always claiming to be Patriots and pretending to be on the side of the American people, they are Pariahs and Leeches that are sucking the blood out of the American people while protecting “special interest, are absolutely morally bankrupt of shame or conscience. 


People can disagree with me but if your child was one of the twenty (20) innocent children that were brutally killed at the Sandy Hook School, would you cast another vote for one of these “oligochaetes?”


The Background Check Bill was put together by a Republican and Democratic Senators who are members of the National Rifle Association, but yet saw the need for us as a Nation to make changes in our society for the good of all people, especially our children.


90% of the American public supports the Bill and yet these forty six selfish parasites voted with impunity against the Bill, thwarting the “will” of the people. If you are one of the 90% and the next time you go into the voting booth and pull the lever in favor of any of these people, thereafter, for every man, woman or child that are killed, you would have condone the pernicious, egregious machinations of these people, that lives off the hard working American people Tax Dollars.


We must return to our roots and remember; America was built on the notion that; “Our Government are derived by the people and for the people,” and not for special interest to whom so many Politicians have sold their souls! 


Maureen Dowd, New York Times! It is easy to promulgate morale bull shit when your ass is not on the line, isn’t it?

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Ms. Dowd: There are bad fuckers out there killing their own people and would kill you or any other American with no conviction whatsoever. Rather than spend the trillions of dollars that Bush spent with the Afghanistan and Iraqi war, I say; “kill these fuckers wherever you can find them, but we should never again put our Soldiers in the midst of chaos!”


Ms. Dowd perhaps you have passed the age of Service to Country, but if that wasn’t the case would you become a soldier or encourage your blood brothers or sister to join the military? Further more, if they were in the military would you then change your opinion about the Drones or would you prefer the President send your family into the “hell-hole” of Afghanistan.

It is easy to promulgate the “morale” bull-shit when your ass is not on the line, isn’t it?


China military says US destabilizing Asia-Pacific by boosting armed forces’ presence in region…

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China is full of Bull Shit! What North Korea is doing is solely because of the Chinese Government behind the scenes support for North Korea. What China says in Public is vastly different than what they do in private.


For those who can’t see, China’s economy has slowed down and their massive investments all over the world is causing them pain at home. China knows that North Korea can’t be that stupid to start a War with America, but the North Koreans posturing helps to keep the attention away from what is really important to China – “their economy.”

 USA - CHINA APRIL 16 2013 -2


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They only see the 50% African American in President Obama!

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The reason for your report it is because people involved with the Weekly Standard, Fox News and millions of others in America, only see the 50% African American in President Obama but they never see the 50% White.


You assholes are a bunch of racist prickles “dicks,” and I guarantee you if Obama used the White House Basement and found a cure for Cancer, you would still be spouting the same bull-shit that you always do!


Where the fuck were you people when Bush and Cheney was fucking over the country and the American people? They started Wars and never paid for it! They got American Soldiers killed and never apologized for it! They spent 1.7 trillion dollars in Iraq and for what? So Bill Kristol, after being Chief of Staff for former Vice President Dan Quayle, another asshole, you should go and stick your head in the sand with your ass puckered up in the air, so the Vultures could pluck it off!


Obama is not perfect, he is fallible and imperfect just like the rest of us, but he has worked his ass-off and he continues to do so, on behalf of America, the American people and the world, and he is a far better President that the two pernicious S.O.B’S that took 225 years of American progress and pissed it away!