Kim Jong-un will fight the US with

Ms. Piggy


Man is the only beast that runs faster when he has lost his way and Kim Jong-un proves that point. He has backed himself into a corner and the only way out for him is to commit military suicide on the North Korean People by attempting or attacking United States and its allies any where in the world, or fall on his Sword of Shame. I am betting he will fall on his Sword of Shame.


Kim Jong-un has something in common with Ms. Piggy. Look at the faces of Kim and Ms. Piggy and you just know, they love food and neither wants to die.


For years the North Korean people have been dying of starvation caused by famine and their country’s Leaders spending what little money they have on trying to develop Nuclear Weapons and maintaining an oversized Military for such a small, poor and desperate country.


I am convinced that if God had to do it all over again, he would create Eve first and use flesh from under her feet to create man, because that is where “man’s brain seem to be logged.”


But let us not forget that we have had two Ms. Piggies for eight years that got us into deep mere also; – unconscious George W. Bush and evil Dick Cheney!


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