They only see the 50% African American in President Obama!

The reason for your report it is because people involved with the Weekly Standard, Fox News and millions of others in America, only see the 50% African American in President Obama but they never see the 50% White.


You assholes are a bunch of racist prickles “dicks,” and I guarantee you if Obama used the White House Basement and found a cure for Cancer, you would still be spouting the same bull-shit that you always do!


Where the fuck were you people when Bush and Cheney was fucking over the country and the American people? They started Wars and never paid for it! They got American Soldiers killed and never apologized for it! They spent 1.7 trillion dollars in Iraq and for what? So Bill Kristol, after being Chief of Staff for former Vice President Dan Quayle, another asshole, you should go and stick your head in the sand with your ass puckered up in the air, so the Vultures could pluck it off!


Obama is not perfect, he is fallible and imperfect just like the rest of us, but he has worked his ass-off and he continues to do so, on behalf of America, the American people and the world, and he is a far better President that the two pernicious S.O.B’S that took 225 years of American progress and pissed it away!


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