The FIVE Democrats and FORTY-ONE Republicans that voted against the “background check,” are they for the American people or for “special interest?”


These forty six leeches that live off the Tax Payers that are always claiming to be Patriots and pretending to be on the side of the American people, they are Pariahs and Leeches that are sucking the blood out of the American people while protecting “special interest, are absolutely morally bankrupt of shame or conscience. 


People can disagree with me but if your child was one of the twenty (20) innocent children that were brutally killed at the Sandy Hook School, would you cast another vote for one of these “oligochaetes?”


The Background Check Bill was put together by a Republican and Democratic Senators who are members of the National Rifle Association, but yet saw the need for us as a Nation to make changes in our society for the good of all people, especially our children.


90% of the American public supports the Bill and yet these forty six selfish parasites voted with impunity against the Bill, thwarting the “will” of the people. If you are one of the 90% and the next time you go into the voting booth and pull the lever in favor of any of these people, thereafter, for every man, woman or child that are killed, you would have condone the pernicious, egregious machinations of these people, that lives off the hard working American people Tax Dollars.


We must return to our roots and remember; America was built on the notion that; “Our Government are derived by the people and for the people,” and not for special interest to whom so many Politicians have sold their souls! 


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