The People you meet at McDonalds by The New York Times!

Vance Evans, a 66 year-old retiree from Bakersfield, California, has been eating double cheeseburgers at McDonald’s since he flipped them himself as a teenager.


“I have a kindred spirit in them,” he says. “It’s not the familiarity ,” They don’t make the burgers as hot as they used to,” he says, but he still visits once or twice a month with his wife, Nancy, who favors fish sandwich and an iced coffee. The Evanses were among hundreds of people photographed by Nolan Conway in a project that has taken him to dozens of McDonald’s restaurants around the country.


But while the places were usually much the same, the variety of customers was a surprise. “Especially when you go to more of the rural areas, you’ll get the poor, the wealthy and everyone in between,” Conway says. “There’s nowhere else to go.”


Open the link and see Conway’s diverse photos


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