Benghazing! Constipated Darrell Issa and the Republican Fuckers along with Murdoch’s Fuck News Channel are at it again!

Just imagine, if it was President Obama that sat on his ass after receiving the National Intelligence Estimate on August 6, 2001, warning that Al Qaeda was determined to strike within the United States using Air Crafts as lethal weapons and didn’t do anything and allow 9/11 to occur, “HE WOULD HAVE BEEN FUCKED!”


Where were all of the concerns as to who knew what and when after September 11? Bush and Cheney were controlling the White House and the Republicans were in control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. They swept everything under the rug and went on their merry way.


It is now nine months since the Benghazi tragedy and these shameless fucks are still trying to “milk” the tragedy to embarrass Obama. This is not about fact finding but it is about fucking to find!


In conclusion, the only thing worst than the Republicans in Congress and Fuck News (FOX), are child molesters and terrorists.


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