Bill Clinton is the last person that should be giving Obama advice on military matters! [SYRIA]

Bill Clinton is the last person to suggest Obama would look like a “wuss” if he didn’t assist the Syrian Opposition. Mr. Clinton while he was President and was seeking reelection in 1996, allowed one of the most heinous genocides to take place on “his watch!”


838,000 people were slaughtered in Rwanda and Bill Clinton did not do anything. In his Presidential Memoirs he issued lots of apologies but that couldn’t bring back the dead!


The night before going to a court hearing for the lies he told in regards to Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton was warned by his military advisors that they did not have any proof that the Pharmaceutical Plant in Sudan was owned by Osama Bin Laden, but, “wag the dog” Clinton bombed the plant and killed 101 innocent people.


Mr. Clinton has no business lecturing Obama or anyone about “matters of war and peace.” I think that Obama has kept a steady hand on our foreign affairs. He got us out of Iraq and is winding down the war in Afghanistan.


McCain and others whined about Obama leading from behind in Libya, well, whether Obama lead from behind or in front, we successful got rid of a Dictator that baffled all of the previous Presidents, going back 42 years, and we did so without the loss of any American lives.


Not everything Mr. Obama had done is without fault, but, I think President Obama has been a good steward for America on Economic and Foreign Affairs, and I would quicker trust his judgment over the “talking-Head-Pundits!”


New York Times June 15, 2013 – Syria



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