Irrespective of what one thinks about their Government, Edward Snowden is a TRAITOR! He assassinated the Tax Payers by willfully stealing property and giving it to the fiends of America!


Edward Snowden is a traitor who has forfeited his right to Due Process!

Edward Snowden took a salary at the tax payers’ expense of $200,000.00 annually and illegally copied and gave to foreign Governments, vital classified information!


Of all the places to run, Snowden ran to Hong Kong which is only Quasi Independent but wholly owned by China, whose practices is to steal vital information from United States Business and Sensitive Governmental Information, with no regard for Domestic Law for their own people and no respect for International Law. It is quite amazing how so many people including some Americans have the nerve to call Edward Snowden a HERO!


It was only fitting to charge him with Espionage as he runs from country to country. Quasi Independent Hong Kong couldn’t keep Snowden because it would affect the Chinese Economy.


Now, Snowden is in Moscow attempting to get to Ecuador; Venezuela or Cuba. I wonder why he did not make a run for the other Hell on Earth Countries; North Korea or Iran, who perpetuate unthinkable crimes against their own people!


If Edward Snowden had one ounce of decency in him, he could have quit his job and hired a Lawyer to address his concerns. But, stealing information that the Tax Payers paid for and giving it to people who privately and publicly projects such disdain for the United States, I do hope he is caught and brought back to America where he should spend the rest of his natural life, in Federal Prison.


Irrespective of how you feel about the NSA program, if you are truly an American, you couldn’t possibly support this weasel!


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