Do you want to know if you really believe George Zimmerman’s Story?

Then, imagine it was your son covered up with the yellow tarp and that your son was killed exactly the way Trayvon Martin was. If you have children and honestly answer yes, then, you do believe Zimmerman.


A teenager, Trayvon Martin, left his home and goes to a convenient store around 7PM and purchases two snacks to return home and watch a sports game with his brother. A man 28 years of age, George Zimmerman, 204 lbs in a vehicle, profiles the kid solely because he is black and stalks the kid.


Zimmerman continues to follow the kid and in the process he calls 911. He reported to the Police that he sees a “suspicious” person walking. The Police asked Zimmerman what type of person is it. Zimmerman responds, “black.”


During the conversation with the Police Zimmerman request that the Police send a Patrol Car. The 911 Operator asked Zimmerman, “What are you doing?” Zimmerman responds, “I am following him, he is running.” The Police respond to Zimmerman; “We don’t need you to do that.”


Rather than wait in the vehicle for the Police, Zimmerman gets out of his vehicle and follows the kid on foot. Within the space of few minutes the kid is dead, shot through the heart by Zimmerman with Zimmerman’s hand-gun.


When the Police arrived Zimmerman told the Police, “I killed him in self defense.”


The remainder of this story played out over the past 17 months and shortly after the noon hour, July 12, 2013, the sequestered Jury went into deliberation.


Now we must not only wait on the Jury’s verdict but most importantly, “accept the Jury’s verdict,” irrespective of which side of this story you are on.


My Own Private Opinion:


If Trayvon Martin had managed to gain access to Zimmerman’s gun and killed Zimmerman, Trayvon would have been charged for “murder; robbery; carjacking and using a gun while committing a felony.” There wouldn’t have been any media coverage and the Florida authorities would have gone to court and obtain Court Approval to Try Trayvon Martin as and adult, and yes, Trayvon would be on death row.


What is most amazing about this story is that while all of this was going on, Chief Justice, John Roberts’s Supreme Court, struck down vital parts of the Voting Right Act with an embellished notation, “America has changed.” I would like to ask Chief Justice Roberts; “Changed for whom Mr. Chief Justice?” A black teenager cannot go to the store in the early evening to purchase snacks without being killed and you have the nerve to write in your opinion – “America has changed!”


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