Vladimir Putin may have Edward Snowden killed for fear of Sodium Pentothal!

Just imagine, betraying your own Country, The United States of America, by stealing classified information and giving it to America’s Enemies! How does that not amount to Treason?


Vladimir Putin would more likely than not, have Edward Snoweden Killed, now that Russia and China got Snowden’s stolen USA information. If Snowden ends up dead in Russia, Putin would blame America for Snowden’s death.


People may ask, “Why would Putin want Snowden dead?” Well the answer is simple. Putin could never be certain that Snowden wouldn’t end up in America’s hands and with just a little prodding from Sodium Pentothal; (Truth Serum), Snowden would reveal all of the information and the names of all with whom Snowden divulged his Country’s Classified Information that the Traitor Stole.  Edward Snowden took the Tax Payers Money that paid his wages and betrayed them.


For those who think of Snowden as a hero, ask yourself; “If Edward Snowden felt so strongly about what the NSA was doing, why didn’t he go to the USA Media Vis a Vis an Attorney and allow this matter to be vetted in the United States?

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