Ted Turner’s CNN went from 24 hours of bona fide News into a morass!

Wolf Blitzer, you have become a sorry excuse for Journalism. Have you in recent times listened to yourself or others at CNN actually follow up on your reporting?


Well, if you did you would find that you sound exactly like the raging lunatics in the Republican Party; running down the Government; at every turn discrediting the President; whining like someone with a bad case of hemorrhoids in the middle of the forest and can’t get to the Doctor.


I presume that you see yourself or CNN does as one of the employees who have been with this station and perhaps, just perhaps, it may be the reason why they cut you so much slack. If you were in my employ I would have fired your a long time ago. Your pessimism has become outlandish with the daily “crap” that bleeds out of your mouth. Have you ever Governed a State or much less ran a Country or a business? Spewing internecine opinions is not NEWS!


People want the news; they are not interested in all of the crap from morning through the night. People are certainly not interested in your frigging opinions, because if most of America listens to you, almost everyone would have to be on suicide watch from the gloom and doom that you espouse every day.


Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News is demented, but to their estranged credit, they hate Obama and blames him for all that ails America, but, they don’t hide it! It is self evident Fox News and its followers are brainwashed, racist, hateful or a combination of all three, so they keep their audience.


On the other hand, from 9am in the morning until 8pm at night, CNN is torture. Thanks to Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan for which I presume has the most audience, is perhaps CNN’S saving grace!


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