Vladimir Putin using Edward Snowden as a USED CAR SALES MAN to taint America and is helped by America’s News Media!

What fools some of us have become in endorsing Edward Snowden as a Patriotic Hero.


When Russia’s autocratic KGB Leader Vladimir Putin agreed to give Edward Snowden one year asylum, Putin said that he was doing so on the basis that Snowden would not release any further information about America’s NSA Program.


Well, let us look at the facts:


Every few weeks Edward Snowden releases some more of the “stolen” information that he shoplifted from the American people. With every release it is only America that Snowden slanders and if that is not bad enough; The New York Times; The Washington Post; The Huffington Post; CNN and many other News Outlets, gives Snowden daily Air-Time, be it in Print News or Television.


Snowden and those that supports him claims that he is a Patriot doing his moral duty! Well, is that true? Every major country in the World is Spying on each other including Russia and China. Russia spies on America for Military purposes while China spies on America on a daily basis for Industrial Espionage purposes.


Edward Snowden who has betrayed his country and is a “treasonous,” took Tax Payers money that paid his very hefty salary; breached his oath of office; stole America’s Intelligence Classified Secrets and gave it to both China and Russia, claiming that he was doing this for the good of the American people.


One has to ask, who are benefitting from Snowden’s stolen leaks? Most certainly it is not the American people, but rather, the Russian and Chinese Government. Because with every leak by Snowden, whether Snowden is truthful or not, “we America,” looks more like an Ochlocracy [A Mob/Mafia type Government] than a Democracy, and if you can’t see the difference for yourselves, then no one can convince you as to how wrong, deceptive and unpatriotic, Edward Snowden is, and, just how serious of a “fraud” Vladimir Putin is!


You may not agree with everything your country does, but, under no circumstances you shouldn’t betray your country to any foreign Government, especially, those that want to see America fall so that their despicable, deplorable, communist rule; can prosper. Edward Snowden is fully cognizant of Vladimir Putin’s outrageous myrmidon rule against his people and Gays and Lesbians [LGBT], but, Snowden has no comment on any issue, except to further scandalize America.


In all of Snowden’s comments, I will wage “all” that I have in wealth, that so long as Snowden is on Russian Soil, he would never criticize Vladimir Putin or Putin’s Henchmen Government, because the day he does, no one will ever see or hear from Edward Snowden again.


Open the link and see one of America’s leading News Paper, The New York Times; concurrence with Snowden’s deplorable behavior.





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