Robert Gates decimated President Black, but left unscathed the THREE WEHRMACHT that created the problems; George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld!

Robert Gates served as Secretary of Defense for George W. Bush for two years and during that time, one has to ask, what did he do with his Texas Buddy to bring us out of the horrible situation Bush and Cheney lead us into. Yes, the Afghanistan War was necessary, but America’s two idiots at the time, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney left a small force in Afghanistan to go and invade Iraq. We were in Afghanistan a little over one year and did not accomplish anything and these two most treasonous President and Vice President, took us into a second war that was perhaps more ill advised that when we went into Vietnam.


“A new report by the “Cost of War” project at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies finds that nearly 200,000 people, including soldiers and civilians, were killed in the war in Iraq President George W. Bush launched 10 years ago.


The report also found that American taxpayers will ultimately spend roughly $2.2 trillion on the war, but because the U.S. government borrowed to finance the conflict, interest payments through the year 2053 means that the total bill could reach nearly $4 trillion.


“Nearly every government that goes to war underestimates its duration, neglects to tally all the costs, and overestimates the political objectives that will be accomplished by war’s violence,” said Boston University professor of political science and project co-director Neta C. Crawford.


Indeed, the war devastated the Iraqi health care system and allowed militants to hone their skills and export them to neighboring conflicts.” 


From some in the News Media to the “haters” of President Black, their convenient memory doesn’t allow them to remember that for the entire eight years Bush and Cheney ran the country into the ground, the state of affairs in America at the end of Bush’s Presidency, America was in deep and unforgiving waters; two badly managed wars incomplete; economically, worst than the great depression and as for our prestige, they, Bush and Cheney had removed almost every ounce of goodwill we had sacrificed to accomplish in 235 years.


Now five years into Mr. Black’s Presidency, one war is completely over and the other is in its last stage. The economy has regained real strength with the Stock Market at its highest in History; Financial Institutions are stable; unemployment is at 7% and President Black “DID NOT START ANY WAR.”


So, one has to wonder! Why is it that President Black is blamed for everything that ails America? I think the answer lies in the words of Frederick Douglass written on September 25. 1883;


“Though the colored man is no longer subject to barter and sale, he is surrounded by an adverse settlement which fetters all his movements. In his downward course he meets with no resistance, but his course upward is resented and resisted at every step of his progress.


If he comes in ignorance, rags and wretchedness he conforms to the popular belief of his character, and in that character he is welcome; but if he shall come as a gentleman, a scholar and a statesman, he is hailed as a contradiction to the national faith concerning his race, and his coming is resented as impudence!”


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